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  1. OSUCowboy787

    Men's Basketball 2019 SG Chris Harris Jr. Signs with OSU

    Culver from Tech just declared for the NBA.
  2. OSUCowboy787

    Men's Basketball 2019 SG Chris Harris Jr. Signs with OSU

    I hope so, It's very odd its 20 minutes after Tech's Culver decides whether or not he's going pro though. Which is today at 3pm. Hoping since Culver is making a huge deal out of his announcement that he's doing something crazy like coming back to Tech or something and then we have an amazing...
  3. OSUCowboy787

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    I mean shouldn't she be wearing one too? just in case one of those sneaky males is able to get his iron shorts off and coerces poor little women to let them in her pants.
  4. OSUCowboy787

    Notre Dame Cathedral is burning - Ile de France

    Heard on the radio today that there's already over $500 million dollars donated to help rebuild it. Sure it will surpass the 1 billion mark with ease.
  5. OSUCowboy787

    Wealth Gap

    I think a big reason that isn't really talked about much is that a lot of lower income school children treat being smart as a BAD thing. They think the only way out of their current situation is either the entertainment industry or athletics. It's almost a cultural thing that needs adjusted that...
  6. OSUCowboy787

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    'I have no skills' 'I am a loser' 'I am not a work material'.
  7. OSUCowboy787

    Tweet of the Day

    THIS^^^ If i'm there voluntarily and she's being that rude. By Felicia.
  8. OSUCowboy787

    Tweet of the Day

    Everyone is an Eskimo Brother??
  9. OSUCowboy787

    Who is going to save Comey?

    If he drops any info on the Clinton's he will unfortunately commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head.
  10. OSUCowboy787

    Wealth Gap

    The problem is it creates envy with those who choose not to better themselves and or aren't as lucky in their endeavors. Think Participation trophies.:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:
  11. OSUCowboy787

    Wealth Gap

    I'd love to be a miserable billionaire. If anyone is too burdened by their wealth i'll gladly accept it and carry that load for them. :runaway::runaway::runaway::runaway:
  12. OSUCowboy787

    Sean Sutton about to win a National Championship

    Why on earth didn't Tech foul at the end in regulation when they were up 3 with under like 30 to go??? Make them shoot the free throws and or make and miss and make another basket. I couldn't believe it when i was watching!
  13. OSUCowboy787

    Things that should happen now that the Mueller Investigation is over

    But not every time, correct? I do think we would me MUCH worse off if Al 'my feet are hot' Gore or another clinton was in office.
  14. OSUCowboy787

    Things that should happen now that the Mueller Investigation is over

    For anyone saying the electoral college is antiquated then you obviously don't know its purpose. It was DESIGNED so that we aren't mob rule. That the Flyover states had equal representation and the major cities didn't rule the country with an iron fist. Hillary lost because she neglected states...
  15. OSUCowboy787

    Things that should happen now that the Mueller Investigation is over

    This is the dumbest thing i've read in a LONG time from Townie. and that's saying something. Those 9 cities could dominate all the rural STATES if they voted the same way. Thankfully Texas is still Red though.
  16. OSUCowboy787

    2020 Democratic Platform

    That's the name of the game. Collect the Far left nutjobs to your side then once you win the primary you come more to the middle to try and gain the moderates. Totally expected.
  17. OSUCowboy787

    Football 2020 RB Daniyel Ngata

    He's definitely a stud. Just by looking at his offer list you can see that.
  18. OSUCowboy787

    Travis Ford Back to The Dance

    I think people were rooting for him to fail here so we could move on from him faster. I don't think anyone cares what he does now.
  19. OSUCowboy787

    If 90% of Americans converted to Islam would that change America?

    Prob have sharia law implemented in some form or fashion.