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  1. swamppoke

    beer fridge chest freezer conversion

    update. the fancy digital controller crapped the bed. Son-in-law bought a Johnson Controls, since mine is still working without a hitch. Might be something to be said for analog.
  2. swamppoke

    The Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Spoken like a true academic. I would not recommend engaging your brake mechanic in casual conversation, as you will leave it with fear and forevoding of the mishaps to come. Sure, you have to know what you’re doing, like changing lightbulbs, or mowing a yard, or you can get hurt.
  3. swamppoke

    Gundy comment on fans

    I read somewhere that myopia can be cured with a good pair of glasses. Not so sure about myopic anal inversion, though....
  4. swamppoke

    Holgerson- gutsy or arrogant?

    I think Holgy is a good coach, and an entertaining interview. Arrogant? Sure, but what head coach really isn't. His problem is the same one that Gary Patterson has - surviving the B12 season through November.