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  1. Art Vandelay

    New Zealand Mosque attacks

    Article The linked article does a good job of explaining some of what he does in the manifesto. Regarding Owens: "It is possible, even likely that the author was a fan of Owens’s videos: she certainly espouses anti-immigrant rhetoric. But in context seems likely that his references to Owens...
  2. Art Vandelay

    Tweet of the Day

    It is one issue. There are plenty of conservatives who think this is overreach. None of these Senators are magically not Republicans based on one vote. And the emergency powers need to be reined in. What was so disappointing about Cruz and Sasse voting in favor is they stated they think there...
  3. Art Vandelay

    Tweet of the Day

    Isn't that hard. If Mike Lee or really several other run of the mill Republicans who voted for this are not Republicans, what is your working definition of Republican? It seems it isn't ideological, it's have they bent the knee to Trump.
  4. Art Vandelay

    Tweet of the Day

    If Mike Lee isn't a Republican, is the only definition of Republican "bends to Trump's will?"
  5. Art Vandelay

    National Security Adviser of Afghanistan tells reporters Trump appointed US Special Rep trying to take over control of the country

    Someone hasn't gotten to Littlefinger getting his comeuppance in GoT apparently.
  6. Art Vandelay

    Former Trump WH Chief Economic Advisor lashes out at Trump Admin

    Grifting has gone into overdrive lately. The thirst to hear Trump is the best or worst thing to ever happen to the US is apparently bottomless.
  7. Art Vandelay

    Association of Tramadol With All-Cause Mortality Among Patients With Osteoarthritis

    I think it was mostly knocking me out much more than I thought. It did make me wonder how there was such a thing as "functioning" opioid addicts though, which I'd assume is essentially the goal of giving them to someone with chronic pain.
  8. Art Vandelay

    Association of Tramadol With All-Cause Mortality Among Patients With Osteoarthritis

    I was on it following surgery last year and one of the few movies I watched during that time that I hadn't seen before was Justice League. Reading comments about the movie afterwards, Tramadol definitely prevented me from remembering large parts of that. Although the comments lead me to believe...