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    KU Rocked or Chalked

    We all do, I think. Article indicates a former Asst. coach for Beaty. I checked a bit further - this is complete assumption on my part. I recalled some Louisiana kids signing there; here are 2 links - these may have 100% not to do with anything, could be noise...
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    KU Rocked or Chalked Probably have to Right Click and chose
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    New coaches thread

    anyone on staff that could slide into that role? Wozniak or McEndoo? Either of these guys recruiters ?
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    Signing Day Part 2

    agree 100% - but the dude is a really good coach
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    OSU at TCU basketball 8 p.m. tonight

    Just an ask........... Should Coach B consider the Princeton offense and D - believe some of that was from Iba - give and go; forgive me not a BB aficionado. With a short bench wouldn't you want to run the clock?
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    2018-19 OSU Cowboys Wrestling Thread

    Thanks # 1 appreciate the updates
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    Texas Bball Thread

    Yes, the students do not get back to next week. The holes in attendance will continue. We had season tickets back in the late 90s and into the 2000+ seasons. But things happen, including Holder's price increase. If he had the forethought to look at his base of season ticket holders from Tulsa...
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    Jerry Jeudy from Alabama wins 2018 Biletnikoff award

    Is your wife, given you actually have one?;' ever happy with you?
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    Brailford gone, too.

    I'll reserve further comment until confirmed......
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    Brailford gone, too.

    Freaking Bugs?
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    Hill and Williams gone

    Williams, dude was as good as he could be - he was a man. Injuries, what a comeback Dude. Appreciate all the time and suffering and always best for the his and family future. Hill: we all saw that Big potential last year, I don't know have the guy early not too many touches . Gets some big...
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    Hill and Williams gone

    Not sure what track you are on ...........
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    Big 12 Championship game

    Yes, if Georgia wins, 1 - 4 teams could change places but remain the same teams. Be like our 2011 for ou
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    Lots Of Coaching Changes in the NCAA

    What the heck is happening there, thought we would all know by now. Must be a bid Family Snyder political move to keep the son in some position. Just wondering maybe 2 Kansas school with new/old coaches next year & yes G needs to up his Game next year
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    Gundy's Hallmark Movie Of The Week Script is finally over!

    We are all term limited.......
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    Yes Dude, another QB should have played tonight. GP did not plan for that as MG always plays the same.................
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    OK, I don't blame this on G-Man. I BLAME this on the Players, first their Coaches, The O Coordinator and the D Coordinator - these folks were failures
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    I know we all want to get rid of cache..........
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    OK. and I'm not happy - once again a terrible O Line performance, combined with very bad QB performance and stupid D performance . Can we get rid of some of these terrible caches ????????? I know the O line C is here but the secondary dudes have to be on the line