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  1. newpoke

    New coaches thread

    What impact did Ferguson have on Mizzou’s football team?
  2. newpoke

    New OC thread

    2010 Cotton Bowl, where we scored a grand total of 7 points and lost to Ole Miss, comes to mind. That provided the impetus (i.e., pressure) for Gundy to bring in DH.
  3. newpoke


    Georgia felt they got shafted out of the CFP. Even Herbie was lobbying for their inclusion. They were hoping to make an emphatic statement that they belonged, at least according to their fans. Their coach also alluded to it.
  4. newpoke

    Big 12 Bowl games

    Cannot believe we lost to a team with an offense that anemic.
  5. newpoke

    Tyler Lacy

    Unless he’s put on 50 lbs., I doubt he’s moving to DT.
  6. newpoke

    ndsu sends us a replacement for coach snyder ...

    I'd take Klieman over Miles. Miles is a weird dude, and I still question his in-game coaching. I've never seen anyone get luckier despite bone-headed play calls, clock mis-management, and lack of situational awareness.
  7. newpoke

    ndsu sends us a replacement for coach snyder ...

    He’s been able to recruit (Carson Wentz) and win in Fargo. He’s 67-6 over the last five years. I think KSU hit a home run.
  8. newpoke

    ndsu sends us a replacement for coach snyder ...

    Yep, and although we sucked out loud at times, we still managed to beat WVU—again.
  9. newpoke

    Grier Sitting Out WVU Bowl Game

    The point of bowl games is to make money and increase visibility for the sponsoring company/organization. That’s it, and that’s why there are so many of them. That’s why there is a Cheez-it bowl. And as long as they continue to make money from them, they will keep having them. Quite often...
  10. newpoke

    What bowl are we playing for?

    I'm sure Gundy will play Corn the entire game as a reward for his years of service. I've got a feeling we're going to get stomped.
  11. newpoke

    What bowl are we playing for?

    They’re ranked 24th.
  12. newpoke

    Kingsbury gone?

    I'm just saying that going with guys like Kiffin, Sark and Helton, so far, has not worked out for them. Helton may come through, especially now that he'll have a new OC, but if he doesn't, I don't think they'll gamble on someone who's not a proven commodity. JMO
  13. newpoke

    Kingsbury gone?

    Thank you for making my point: "I think they're going to want a proven HC if they decide to replace Helton." Kiffin and Sarkisian both got fired within two or three years, because they were not proven, successful head coaches before they got there. Sark had a mediocre record and a problem with...
  14. newpoke

    Kingsbury gone?

    Not sure USC would promote KK to HC, no matter how successful he is, given his record at TT. I think they're going to want a proven HC if they decide to replace Helton.
  15. newpoke

    Kingsbury gone?

    It wouldn't be unethical, but he's not going to replace MY, and KK wouldn't take the job anyway. KK will be angling for another HC job after a couple of successful seasons as an OC at a name-brand school.
  16. newpoke

    What do you think GIA will look like this year?

    Iowa St. fills up their football stadium every Saturday, no matter how bad they suck, and Hilton is usually pretty full. They’ve got some good fans.
  17. newpoke

    Oh, NO! TCU Pulls Out Kryptonite For OSU Game!

    As much as I’d like to believe in this team, I predict we lay an egg. TCU 28 Pokes 27
  18. newpoke

    Oh, NO! TCU Pulls Out Kryptonite For OSU Game!

    I heard this the other day, and my first thought was "we're toast." Welp, I just read the article, and it's worse than I thought: 5th year senior, buried on the depth chart all these years, paltry stats, teammates love him, on senior night...YIKES! Do the gods have no mercy (from 300)?!
  19. newpoke


    Yeah, I was talking to that guy.