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  1. jac1599

    OU QB situation

    Why would Hurts be waiting on Murray? And I agree with you, right now it would seem you've got a pretty good problem to be dealing with. Having too many good QBs?
  2. jac1599

    Kingsbury to Arizona

    LOL, it happens!
  3. jac1599


    Made his skin appear *more* orange...that made me laugh.
  4. jac1599

    Kingsbury to Arizona

  5. jac1599

    Patagonia’s CEO is donating company’s entire $10M Trump tax cut to fight climate change.

    So let me get this straight...they saved money, are able to invest in something they believe in, and they think it was irresponsible to let them do it?
  6. jac1599

    NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All in Historic Surprise Announcement

    That was my first thought...There is no way $100 million covers it.
  7. jac1599

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    Had one staying in the room next to us at our hotel. Decked out in OU gear every day.
  8. jac1599

    Trump blast NAFTA this morning and threatens to close Southern border for profit

    I wonder if that doctor up on the hill has two prescriptions for alzheimer's medicine now.
  9. jac1599

    Oklahoma public comments open on force some Medicaid recip to work

    Round and round we go! It's like someone just took the very first step of the grand scheme of getting people off state assistance and implemented it, and then did nothing to actually get people to that goal.
  10. jac1599

    Oklahoma public comments open on force some Medicaid recip to work

    Right, so obviously this creates a bigger burden on the taxpayers. However, if the goal is to get people into long term jobs, that burden would ultimately go down because people would be paying for stuff themselves. Then again, it could just be one more "good idea" that fails. Child care costs...
  11. jac1599

    Oklahoma public comments open on force some Medicaid recip to work

    Soonercare pays for child care as if a single mother had kids that received Soonercare, she could go to a DHS approved facility and receive free child care.
  12. jac1599

    CFN fearless prediction, Cowboys vs Mizzou

    Win or lose, it will be fun. I've never been to I am hoping for sunny and 50 degrees!
  13. jac1599

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    My family will be there. We are staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Airport-American Way. Got a recommendation for Uncle Lou's and Central (over Rendezvous). We have a 4 year old so we are hoping that a good Sunday activity will be the zoo if weather is decent. What else would you recommend...
  14. jac1599

    Mattis resigns

    Look out now, you’re about to get railed for being a blind Obama supporter.
  15. jac1599

    Mattis resigns

    I think the markets are what’s kept him afloat. People will tolerate a lot for a little extra cash on their check or in their 401k. Without that, he can’t survive.
  16. jac1599

    Mattis resigns

    From the way his resignation letter reads, that decision was the final straw.
  17. jac1599

    Mattis resigns

  18. jac1599

    The Ocasio-Cortez Thread