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  1. docjoctoo

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    No, Just a doc.
  2. docjoctoo

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    Pokey...are you are a teacher ?
  3. docjoctoo

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    What is the difference between Russian Socialism and Democratic Party Socialism ?
  4. docjoctoo

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    To have socialists on the committee that controls Wall Street is not only wrong but dangerous.
  5. docjoctoo

    don't look now -- Toxic Maxine Finance Committee

    What poisonous brew will these two socialists serve our nation?
  6. docjoctoo

    Women Don’t Belong in Combat Units

    There is a long sad history of those who think women are just like men. That is false. Women are better than men performing certain tasks and men are better at other things. To fail to understand and accept this is wrong.
  7. docjoctoo

    Money ‘in the Wrong Hands’

    If you really believe in socialism you should send all your money to the government and let them decide how to spend it.
  8. docjoctoo

    Dr. Marc Siegel: Pot and your health – Here’s what a physician wants you to know about marijuana

    But do you think that the rest of society has the duty to pick up the pieces of the destroyed family?
  9. docjoctoo

    NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All in Historic Surprise Announcement

    ! No doubt you must be interested in serving in a "free clinic" for all those needing medical care. We have many of these medical clinics in Oklahoma City. Tell me how we can best reach you.
  10. docjoctoo


    "Name" teams are usually overrated by both the media and fans.
  11. docjoctoo

    Cowboy Basketball great Bob Mattick passes on

    Sorry to hear of Bob's death. I spoke to him many times in the Heritage Hall. He kept up with the program closely and offered inside information that only a skilled player would see. He had very serious heart problems. I am surprised he lived as long as he did. I will miss him....
  12. docjoctoo

    SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancerous nodules removed from lung

    But if there is no truth there are no lies!
  13. docjoctoo

    SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancerous nodules removed from lung

    We live in a postmodern age that often does not believe that there is such a thing as truth. Even if there is anything called truth it can not be known. Hence anyone claiming to know the truth must be in error.
  14. docjoctoo

    OU Situation

    OU has major problems that have been quietly hidden from public view by a sympathetic media. Now we are just beginning to hear what is going on at OU.
  15. docjoctoo

    Winner of CNN’s ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award Admits He Fabricated Stories

    We have too many reporters who not only report the news but feel they have the right to make the news. This is in part because too many now days believe that there are no absolute "truths". Even the President of CNN said that CNN "fashions" the news. To "fashion" the news is to modify or change...
  16. docjoctoo

    Rubio blast corporations using Trump tax cuts to perform stock buy backs

    If a corporation feels that their stock is unpriced by the market it makes sense to buy back stock.
  17. docjoctoo

    Top 10 Food Safety Tips for this Holiday Season . . . for Steross

    The US Navy as they travel around the world, needing fresh fruit and vegetables, use sodium hypochlorite (Clorox) to lower the bacteria load. I often use dilute Clorox on salads for about 30 minutes then rinse off and eat. There is no smell or after taste.
  18. docjoctoo

    OU Situation

    It seems to me to be a great conspiracy silence!
  19. docjoctoo

    OU Situation

    It completely astounds me that this has not been widely reported until now. This has been going on for years! Where was the OU Board of Regents? Where was the Oklahoma Board of Higher Education? Where were the Daily Oklahoman and other newspapers?