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    Co del millitary flight cancelled

    Well, theatrics aside, I flew for business this week and was really amazed at the professionalism of the TSA staff working without pay. Obviously that won't last much longer, but they were doing an admiral job.
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    Dr. Marc Siegel: Pot and your health – Here’s what a physician wants you to know about marijuana

    No kidding, had no idea there was still a "Reefer Madness" ethos out there. I wonder if a little digging would find he's funded by a pharma lobby.
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    Kingsbury to Arizona

    Same coach OSU has beaten every time we've played him. I think Texas struggles were more related to 5-6 recruiting cycles of completely missing on QB's as well as severely mis-evaluating those high profile recruits. If I remember correctly, during their lowest couple of years, OSU was getting...
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    Kingsbury to Arizona

    Or while they hoist the Sugar Bowl trophy.
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    New OC thread

    More interestingly, why are they having such a tough time hiring?? Just seems like Tennessee is a sleeping giant with all the fan support, etc. But no coaches seem to want to work there. I can't figure that out.
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    Kingsbury to Arizona

    To me this just puts an exclamation point on the recruiting argument. Not good enough to coach at Tech, but good enough to be the head coach of an NFL team?? Just look at what happened to Lord Saban last night when faced with a team with equal talent. Similar results to his NFL career...
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    Football 2020 OL Damieon George

    Ya think??
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    Calvin Bundage????

    That's my guess, bet we will see them both on the field together next year. Also noticed that Macon had moved to DE, making the scenario more likely.
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    Gundy the 11th highest paid college FB coach in the Country

    Love me some Port A. And last time I went out, I puked too. Small boat and very rough, first time I ever got puking sick on a boat.
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    You can't fix stupid
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    suggestions for online Bedlam BB game?

    Exactly. Play these freshmen every minute you can so they'll be battle tested later on for when the talent comes in next year. I'd sure like to see K. JOnes playing, not sure if there is an issue of some sort there. I know Yor is playing well, but this team isn't going to do much this year...
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    Big 12 Bowl games

    Reminds me
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    Big 12 Bowl games

    I actually agreed with the call to kick them. They had already converted a couple 4th downs to get that close, odds are you're not going to keep converting against that defense and it was crucial to keep a little momentum going and get points at that point in the game.
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    Report Trump Admin to pull troops from Afghanistan

    THat's a bit of an oversimplification, but I agree mostly on Syria. I think it's more the nature of the withdrawal that has everyone, particularly the republicans, in a tizzy.
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    Signing Day

    I also noticed that our lowest rated recruit is a punter. I wonder where we would rank without the punter, and if we end up adding Glass? As someone mentioned earlier, the difference between the 20th ranked class and the 50th ranked class is pretty thin. I just don't think this class is as...
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    Report US Military to withdraw all troops from Syria

    I have no problem with the decision to withdraw from Syria, as it has become pretty clear that we're in a no-win situation there. I am a little concerned with the apparent rashness and speed of withdrawal.
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    Football 2019 RB Deondrick Glass Committed to OSU

    Seems it would be down to us and Texas now. Looks like they signed a 4* RB out of GA today. Not sure what else they have on their roster.
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    Economic boycotts and free speech

    I detest the idea of economic boycotts, as in my opinion it simply curtails free speech to all our detriment. I'm not a fan of Carlson, but just the same as I disagree with liberal artists being boycotted for things they say, I feel compelled to react the same way when Tucker's free speech is...