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  1. PJ-OSU

    Maybe a good bet(wvu hoops)

    Ha! That is all.
  2. PJ-OSU

    Texas Bball Thread

    I was hoping, after last year, that in the off season Waters would work on his handles a LOT. He had the same problems bringing the ball up the court last year when he got stuck in the role. With Cunningham gone, I fear he may get put into that position more often than he should. With better...
  3. PJ-OSU

    Texas Bball Thread

    And misses at the line. Good lord. If he is going to drive like this for the rest of this season/ his career, he should live at the line during practice, before practice, and for hours after practice.
  4. PJ-OSU

    Official Game Thread: Liberty Bowl- Missouri vs. Oklahoma State

    Great block ref!! LOLOLOLOLOL
  5. PJ-OSU

    What do you think GIA will look like this year?

    Wait; please tell me you didn't have basketball tickets ONLY during your sophomore year during that time frame!