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  1. osucowboy79

    Chris Spielman's love for state RBs

    But I thought we didn't recruit good talent.
  2. osucowboy79

    Kolar announced his new school

    I wouldn't think that they would but grad school is expensive. He could have sat on the bench here and got it paid for.
  3. osucowboy79

    Kolar announced his new school

    I wonder if he will be on scholarship and will he count against their 25 for the year?
  4. osucowboy79

    Who thinks Yurcich is leaving?

    Even if Gundy wanted to move on, he's in a tough spot. If you fire a guy who puts up a top 10 offense every year you better have someone awesome to replace him already locked up. You don't get rid of Yurcich and then start a search.
  5. osucowboy79

    Brailford gone, too.

    If true, this is the worst news of all the transfers. Hill and Brailford are expected and everyone else was passed on the depth chart. Daniels is a beast and our DL wasn't the same when he got hurt. How in the world do you have a season ending finger injury?
  6. osucowboy79

    Football 2019 General Recruiting thread

    Houston just decommitted from Texas.
  7. osucowboy79

    Hill and Williams gone

    Justice probably could have come back, added 5-10 lbs, worked hard on his pass blocking and improved his draft position by maybe 2 rounds. This also adds a year of wear and tear to his body and a chance at injury. The question for him and his family is, does an extra year of pay at slightly...
  8. osucowboy79

    What bowl are we playing for?

    This whole season was a contradiction
  9. osucowboy79

    What bowl are we playing for?

    Better bowl than we probably deserve at 6-6 but we're the best and most explosive .500 team in the country. Good matchup against a team that we can roll if we play well. Should be fun.
  10. osucowboy79

    CFP picks

    I think OU will be winning at halftime. Bama hasn't seen an offense remotely as good as OU's. I think Bama will adjust and win but I wouldn't be surprised if OU scored in the 40s.
  11. osucowboy79

    What bowl are we playing for?

    Every projection I've today found says Liberty Bowl. Against either aTm, Vandy or Missouri. I'm hoping we get the Aggies. 2:45 kick on new year's eve isn't bad. Take the afternoon off and start the party early. Could be worse.
  12. osucowboy79

    Knowles gets a thread too

    I think we'll be pleasantly surprised with the d next year. Especially if Brailford is back and we have some pass rush. The young d backs have really gotten better as the year progressed. It just doesn't show because there are still too many freshmen type mistakes mixed in with great play...
  13. osucowboy79

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 13 (End of season edition)

    I'm proud of the team for making the late comeback and not mailing it in. They fought hard to the end.
  14. osucowboy79

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    No jelani but Jake Ross is in uniform for the first time.
  15. osucowboy79

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    Post of the year
  16. osucowboy79

    JD King to transfer

    The reason "snowflake conservative mentality" sounds so dumb is because there is no such thing. The opposite of the snowflake mentality is to work hard and not give up. Which leads to being named national player of the week after leading your team to victory against West Virginia. I think...