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  1. Duke Silver


  2. Duke Silver

    CFP picks

    The last one if they qualify
  3. Duke Silver

    Kingsbury gone?

    Just placeholding until Pete Carroll comes back.
  4. Duke Silver

    Supreme Court Mocks Case Pushing Civil Forfeiture

    Correct, but they will usually make it part of the department budget.
  5. Duke Silver

    Report: 2 million federal workers receive memo yesterday saying it is illegal for them to talk about Trump impeachment at work

    Yes. we have yearly trainings over political things. If stuff like that goes out it is because someone is acting like a fool and they send reminders out.
  6. Duke Silver

    Silly Picture Thread

    I thought what came after the man bun was a creep show breaking into your house, doing who knows what to you as you sleep then offering you ginger ale.
  7. Duke Silver

    Migrant Tear Gas Photo

    I could be wrong here, but I think if a country offers asylum, it must be accepted or you are sent home. You can’t say no thanks I’m waiting on America or Canada
  8. Duke Silver


    That is what you buy when you buy organic lettuce.
  9. Duke Silver

    GM cutting 14,700 jobs in North America. May close up to 5 plants

    You also dont eat the depreciation.
  10. Duke Silver

    GM cutting 14,700 jobs in North America. May close up to 5 plants

    So they are basically right back where they started before the gubmit money?
  11. Duke Silver

    Tweet of the Day

    So they are going to convince us that he is the smartest man to ever run then wonder why we are disappointed that he is a moron
  12. Duke Silver

    With Kingsbury fired can we pick up a recruit?j

    I don’t think they have anyone that we want
  13. Duke Silver

    What bowl are we playing for?

    The one in Houston
  14. Duke Silver

    Holgerson- gutsy or arrogant?

    Why even a thought of getting rid of Dana. That program was garbage before he got there. They were not ready to play this level of football when they got in the conference.
  15. Duke Silver

    Props to our offensive center

    The whole line has been progressing quite nicely in the last few weeks!