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  1. crimsonhater

    Jerry Jeudy from Alabama wins 2018 Biletnikoff award

    Well maybe we shouldn’t get Tylan 60yds in the season ending game. Gundys lack of stat padding leads to these things. Similar to hey let’s get a top 10 RB in the country 15 touches per game? Seriously wtf?! Thank goodness Tylan is a Soph and can make a solid run at it with a better QB. I just...
  2. crimsonhater

    Men's Basketball 2020 PG Davonte Davis Committed to OSU

    BIG time esp with Bryce Thompson on the fence most of the yr I bet. This feels like when we got Avery early on then Marcus followed shortly after. Hoping for a similar result with BT!
  3. crimsonhater

    What do you think GIA will look like this year?

    Students' interest in athletics has declined rapidly as the phone usage has grown. Look at HoCo and Hoops. All the Greeks show up, they announce awards, and all the Greeks leave. I wish they would create a points system or discounts on clothing etc the more games you go to. Coach B and players...
  4. crimsonhater

    What do you think GIA will look like this year?

    Adding every game on TV hurts attendance plus I live in Tulsa and cannot get to a 6pm game and 8pm games I don't get home until almost midnight on a weeknight which is not ideal for a 5:30am work wake up alarm. THIS is our biggest barrier! A lot of people from OKC and Tulsa could go to 7pm...
  5. crimsonhater

    Cowboy Basketball: 2018 Advocare Invitational Tournament

    I agree! They miss 3 or 4 of those and it’s a tie game with momentum on our side. Confidence for a 3 pt shooter is huge. Chico Mike has a run too. Just can’t allow 2-3 guys to do it or you get buried early
  6. crimsonhater

    Cowboy Basketball: 2018 Advocare Invitational Tournament

    they have a veteran team who dribbles down the shot clock and lulls you to sleep and spreads you out wide. They hit 2-3 sharp crisp passes then pop a three. Hard to defend with youth which is what we are. We should be able to dribble drive their defense but haven’t been able to. When we are...
  7. crimsonhater

    Football 2019 RB Deondrick Glass Here is the 5 star IMG Academy stud RB. 90% Bama crystal ball and he visits there Sat. Hopefully he commits, bumping Glass to us! Would be cool for him to stay with his teammate and establish a pipeline down there! For how our team has peaked at...