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  1. osupsycho

    Mexico increase Police presence at their southern border in attempt to stop 4000 Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador immigrants

    They are getting some form of help as there is no way that many people are getting food and water just handed to them as they travel considering it would wipe out the food and water in a lot of the areas they are walking. It is feasible that they are bringing their own supplies but that is a...
  2. osupsycho

    Homecoming Uniforms

    Well if we are truly honoring Barry shouldn’t we put the guy with Sanders on the back of his jersey out there
  3. osupsycho

    Our Bowl Destination...?

    Nope just an observation from someone that played center for my entire football career and understand the importance of the position.
  4. osupsycho

    Our Bowl Destination...?

    A lot of people forget that there was one other change back in 2014 that happened at the same time. Lundblade took over at center. His first start was the same game as Rudolph and he was our center all the way up till this year. So some of that change might just not be a QB change.
  5. osupsycho

    Hurricane Michael now Cat 1..forecast Florida Landfall as Cat 3 on Wend

    To be fair it is not the media who came up with that...
  6. osupsycho

    Ammo classified thread

    It has been a while since I bought any ammo as I went a little crazy back during the scare, but I always found that Walmart was the lowest price when they have it in stock.
  7. osupsycho

    I need that hat!

    No but as a collector of OSU hats I must see a pic, and likely MUST buy it!
  8. osupsycho

    Predict the Score: OSU vs Boise St

    I am going to argue that you should not be so ABSOLUTELY sure that the deep ball is no longer available. TC is not Mason when it comes to the deep ball but that does not mean it is dead to us. He has hit several already and we have WR talents to make up for some of the not perfect throws...
  9. osupsycho

    Hurricane Florence undergoes major change

    Actually they do, those ground floors are breakaway walls and the only things allowed down on first floor is garages with no electricity, water etc. It was interesting watching and learning that stuff when This Old House rebuilt some houses on NJ shore after Sandy.
  10. osupsycho

    Sunspot Observatory closed due to security issue

    That or maybe its like in Armageddon where they tried to keep the asteroid quiet from the public. Maybe we are all doomed and just don't know it yet... :runaway::runaway::runaway:
  11. osupsycho

    Hurricane Florence undergoes major change

    Well the problem with that this time is there is a second system, Joyce which is likely to be hurricane at landfall, that is about to hit south Texas and could roll right up to us with rain.
  12. osupsycho

    Texas A&M possible trouble

    Yeah he was dismissed after a video surfaced of him using racial slurs about teammates at ATM. Wonder why that video just surfaced all of a sudden...
  13. osupsycho

    Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018

    Two different things. The start of this thread was about laws requiring no masks to be allowed at rallies like this as an attempt to head of the violence since they would then be able to ID the bad apples quickly. The new part just shows that due to the mask this antifa thug is going to be...
  14. osupsycho

    Elizabeth Warren proposes bill to regulate Congress members and WH staff from owning stocks

    My point is that putting restrictions on some groups or certain people when it comes to stocks already exist. So saying this should not be allowed because it restricts one group is not a very good reason to stop this.
  15. osupsycho

    Elizabeth Warren proposes bill to regulate Congress members and WH staff from owning stocks

    But when it comes to stock purchases it is common for some people to be denied the right to purchase due many reasons. That is why their are insider trading violations to begin with. I don't see that part of her proposal as an issue at all and am really surprised she came up with it. Hoping...
  16. osupsycho

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

  17. osupsycho

    CB Grad transfer Kemah Siverand transfering to the Cowboys!

    Casper, since he is coming in now won’t he count against this year’s 25 player recruiting limit, like Mcaufman did last year?
  18. osupsycho

    A/V subscription issues

    @CasperPoke11, I renewed my subscription via paypal credit card payment yesterday but have not gotten access back to the AV yet. Edit: Thank you, good now!!
  19. osupsycho

    What’s the ceiling for Justice Hill?

    I hate to say it but maybe we need to have an old OSU fan mentality of just beat UO. At this point we are good enough to beat almost all the teams on our schedule, except UO. So maybe we need to concentrate on doing whatever it takes to take down those goons...