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  1. OSU23

    Men's Basketball 2019 SG Marcus Watson Committed to OSU

    From what I’ve seen it looks like he’ll be making his announcement around 7pm
  2. OSU23

    Freshman Linebacker Blake Barron Undergoing MRI for Possible Torn ACL

    I believe I read where he has a torn ACL and MCL.
  3. OSU23

    Football 2019 OL Taylor Miterko Committed to OSU

    Committed to the Pokes!
  4. OSU23

    Football 2019 General Recruiting thread

    Taylor Miterko just committed!
  5. OSU23

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Yeah... this is just turning into a circus at this point.
  6. OSU23

    Walking Dead, Season 8

    I’ve already moved on away from this series. When watching the new episodes became more of a chore than for entertainment, I had to give it up.
  7. OSU23

    The Walking Dead season 6

    What an action packed episode! Carol's tears have me worried tho. I hope she doesn't go soft on the group now!
  8. OSU23

    Fear the Walking Dead Season 1

    I like how they've only aired 8 episodes and people are already counting this series out. It took me a couple seasons to really get into TWD. I think this series has a lot of potential.
  9. OSU23

    Football 2016 QB Nick Starkel

    Awesome! Glad to have him!
  10. OSU23

    The Walking Dead Season FIVE!

    It's a tough situation. Just think about everything Ricks group has been through so far. Could you imagine walking up on another human group during a zombie apocalypse at night? I sure in the hell couldn't. It's a tv show tho, not everything can be explained perfectly.
  11. OSU23

    The Walking Dead Season FIVE!

    I personally believe Enid is working with a group on the outside of the walls. Her sneaking into the woods, her dislike for Carl (and I'm sure the rest of the group), and the fact that she seems like a total outcast all lead me to believe she and her group have something planned.
  12. OSU23

    General Basketball Recruiting.

    He's not a PG, so I'm sure Ford isn't interested in him.
  13. OSU23

    Football 2015 Football recruiting notes

    You've got to be kidding me... Blows my mind how quickly Baylor has risen in the national spotlight :facepalm:
  14. OSU23

    Football Ronald Jones, 2015 RB

    We won't get him back. Just my opinion tho
  15. OSU23

    Football UAB Transfer OT Victor Salako (6'6, 315) Will Visit OSU
  16. OSU23

    Football UAB Transfer OT Victor Salako (6'6, 315) Will Visit OSU

    Rumors are that he committed
  17. OSU23

    The Walking Dead Season FIVE!

    I alway thought they never let her drive because she was a woman :)
  18. OSU23

    Football Jaylon Lane Commits! 2015 CB

    Damn, I was really excited about this kid.
  19. OSU23

    Herp Derp Given the importance of the UT game

    I think you should sit out these next couple of weeks to better prep for your post after the Texas game.