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    New OSU Podcast - Tape Doesn't Lie

    Good to know. Some, like PFB are just so immature, like a bunch of frat boys sitting round drinking beer and seeing who can best gross out the other. Very tiring.
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    Gary Gibbs

    Did I hear on this morning's radio shows (Triple Play) that OSU was considering the hiring of Gary Gibbs as a football coach analyst? Anyone know the status of this?
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    Bill Teegins nostalgia

    I agree that Bill was terrific but I think Dave is equally great and will be fondly remembered by all Cowboy fans. "Pistols Firing" and "Good Night Vienna" are a part of the lexicon just like "He Got It!" and Dave is Cowboy through and through.
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    What is better for us (Baylor/0u)?

    What is better for us is beating Iowa State.
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    Tortilla Tossers Prediction Thread

    I was wondering when someone was going to bring this out.
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    October 23, 1976

    Big Bob was the OSU announcer. John Brooks and Mike Treps did the OU broadcast.
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    October 23, 1976

    In the band my senior year. I too watched Terry Miller around end coming right at me! Our Nation's nightmare was finally over.
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    Baltimore Cowboys?

    Can't help you with Baltimore but DC has a good group of alums. Met at a bar three blocks from the White House. Check the Alumni Assoc website for watch party locations.
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    Orange Friday

    Orange on in Rochester, NY.
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    Wanted - Orange Polo that isn't polyester

    Lands end. They embroider OSU too.
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    Summer Thread #6: Your first live OSU sporting event

    I just knew it was a lot of points. That was quite a throw and catch combo.
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    Summer Thread #6: Your first live OSU sporting event

    1964 OSU at TU in a 64 - 14 dominating win for the Golden Hurricane.
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    West Virginia at Oklahoma State

    Like many I unfortunately drank the orange koolaid and am now faced with the disappointment of watching a team in a freefall regression. They are not getting better, they are getting worse. How refreshing it would be to have a coach that could motivate the team. Totally unprepared for this game.
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    Who are your top 5 favorite OSU Basketball Players of All Time?

    How could I have forgotten Andy Hopson? Another of the great players during the famous Guy Strong era.
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    Who are your top 5 favorite OSU Basketball Players of All Time?

    Boy you have been around the block a time or two. Also how about Kevin Fitzgerald and Layefette Threat! Also the great enforcer - Milton Brown from Sutton days. Finally I think Cornell Hatcher's nickname was the Phantom not Shadow.
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    The BB team has earned it, I'm all in

    I too am all in on this team. It was very apparent from the early season games that this was a scrappy team that was intent on playing defense. That, in my opinion, has been one of my frustrating with our teams over the past several years where we were intent to jack up threes and no...
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    Game Thread: Oklahoma State at Kansas State

    why does john keep saying things early in the game like, "this game's not out of control, yet! and "this is the biggest lead, so far!" I know we played horribly but seems bad when the color commentator has no confidence in the team.
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    ESPN likes the future of Cowboy football.

    That's Laughable!