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  1. Mr Bob

    Need your life pro tips on shaving your head...

    During a moment of boredom in my 20s I shaved my head bald and kept it that way for close to a year. I went with a razor blade and generally had to shave every other day. I won't be much help with your specific questions, but I do want to stress the importance of sunscreen. I went to watch a...
  2. Mr Bob

    A/V subscription issues

    Looks like this has been resolved, thank you!
  3. Mr Bob

    A/V subscription issues

    I can see where my membership renewal has been paid through paypal, but it appears my AV membership has not yet renewed. Could someone please look into this for me? @CasperPoke11
  4. Mr Bob

    Silly Picture Thread

    I've always preferred my bacon crispy; not chewy.
  5. Mr Bob

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 3

    Tulsa @ Oklahoma Louisiana Tech @ Kansas State UTSA @ Oklahoma State Texas Tech @ Arkansas California @ Texas SMU @ TCU Iowa State @ Toledo
  6. Mr Bob

    Big 12 Pick'em - Week 2

    Kansas State @ UTSA UTEP @ Texas Tech Liberty @ West Virginia Stephen F Austin @ TCU Iowa @ Iowa State Oklahoma @ Tennessee Memphis @ Kansas Central Arkansas @ Oklahoma State Lamar @ Baylor Rice @ Texas
  7. Mr Bob

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 1

    Oklahoma State @ Central Michigan TCU @ Minnesota Baylor @ SMU South Dakota State @ Kansas Sam Houston State @ Texas Tech Akron @ Oklahoma South Dakota @ Kansas State Texas @ Notre Dame Georgia Southern @ West Virginia Northern Iowa @ Iowa State
  8. Mr Bob

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    I feel like your comment would have made more sense if you opened up the box and took one of the balls out for us to see. It would also fix how the box is oddly off center with that large blank space to the left!
  9. Mr Bob

    Switching mobile carrier?

    I love T-mobile and have been a customer for a long time. Things are better, but coverage is still not as good as AT&T or Verizon based off comparisons to friends phones.
  10. Mr Bob

    Sabbath mode on appliances

    That would explain the food that comes out of my oven.
  11. Mr Bob

    Obama learns of Hillery's e-mail issue from media

    John Stewart quitting.
  12. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    ,,, Why haven't I done this to you?
  13. Mr Bob

    BYU wants to be in a power 5 conference

    I do also think there is a tendency to overreact to one years worth of results. There will be a power 5 conference team left out of the playoff every year, this year it was the big 12, but we were one loss (or one win by TCU/Baylor) from getting a team in and conceivably had a shot at 2 before...
  14. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    I remember that pyramid. I seem to remember that I got through it the first time without dying and then never could do it again without at least one death.
  15. Mr Bob

    BYU wants to be in a power 5 conference

    I think at this point it might be. I certainly think it's a better idea than adding a third time zone and another Texas team. I think I would lean toward Cincinnati and UCF if we are adding, but again I recognize that this is not a great option either.
  16. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    And has no value inside of minecraft. Maybe it's time to rethink your priorities. Now I think I'm going to log off of orange power before someone starts telling me what color pots and kettles are.
  17. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    And the offer is rescinded.
  18. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    Took me three nights in a swamp to find one slime. Luckily it dropped quite a few slimeballs and all I needed was one to make a lead. I don't have a good sorting system up yet, but you are welcome to look through my stuff and take any slimeballs you need. ...It's amazing how hard that is to...
  19. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    I think you can use leads to take villagers between the two villages if need be.
  20. Mr Bob

    Anyone play Minecraft?

    I can see my house from here! does it look dull on the map.