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  1. Bison2011

    Worst loss of the Gundy era

    Agree on all of it but coordinators there for awhile we were the best in the country with our coordinators. These last five years or so have been awful.
  2. Bison2011

    Worst loss of the Gundy era

    They beat Auburn yesterday, something this team couldn’t do this year if we were given the shot.
  3. Bison2011

    winless home conference season?

    I don’t think it’s “May” we will need wins there. With our current situation I’m dreading what OU, Texas, West VA is going to look like and even TCU
  4. Bison2011

    Jalen McClesky transferring

    No not every play. On 2 and 20+ we do draws. Don’t forget our secret play that he likes.
  5. Bison2011

    Shine to participate in Senior Day Activities

    I would assume this means he’s done. Who participates without expecting to leave?
  6. Bison2011

    Pokes vs Taco Tech

    We have no clue how to play zone offense. We just pass the ball and jack threes. We’re begging to lose this game.
  7. Bison2011

    Pokes vs Taco Tech

    Dziagwa needs to be on the bench. I think we’re okay without him.
  8. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 10

    Baylor @ Kansas State Texas Tech @ West Virginia TCU @ Oklahoma State Iowa State @ Oklahoma Kansas @ Texas
  9. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 9

    West Virginia @ TCU Oklahoma @ Kansas Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech Texas @ Iowa State The West Virginia @ TCU game is on Thursday night this week! Go Pokes!
  10. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 8

    Iowa State @ Baylor Kansas State @ Texas Texas Tech @ Oklahoma Kansas @ Oklahoma State
  11. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 7

    West Virginia @ Baylor Texas Tech @ Kansas Oklahoma @ Kansas State TCU @ Iowa State
  12. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 6

    Baylor @ Kansas Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas) Iowa State @ Texas Tech Oklahoma State @ West Virginia TCU @ Kansas State
  13. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 5

    Ouch on the last pick.
  14. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 5

    Kansas @ Iowa State West Virginia @ Oklahoma Texas @ TCU Texas Tech @ Baylor Kansas State @ Oklahoma State
  15. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'em - Week 4

    Kansas @ Rutgers Rice @ Baylor Maryland @ West Virginia Oklahoma State @ Texas TCU @ Texas Tech
  16. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 3

    Tulsa @ Oklahoma Louisiana Tech @ Kansas State UTSA @ Oklahoma State Texas Tech @ Arkansas California @ Texas SMU @ TCU Iowa State @ Toledo
  17. Bison2011

    Weekend Watch Guide- Week 2

    My DirecTV 676 says it's the Baylor v Lamar game. Anyone else show this?
  18. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'em - Week 2

    Kansas State @ UTSA UTEP @ Texas Tech Liberty @ West Virginia Stephen F Austin @ TCU Iowa @ Iowa State Oklahoma @ Tennessee Memphis @ Kansas Central Arkansas @ Oklahoma State Lamar @ Baylor Rice @ Texas
  19. Bison2011

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 1

    Oklahoma State @ Central Michigan TCU @ Minnesota Baylor @ SMU South Dakota State @ Kansas Sam Houston State @ Texas Tech Akron @ Oklahoma South Dakota @ Kansas State Texas @ Notre Dame Georgia Southern @ West Virginia Northern Iowa @ Iowa State
  20. Bison2011

    Things to take away from today...

    After watching UTSA, we're going to have to play a lot more consistent every series. And, yes it was Missouri State, but our special teams (minus field goals) was exceptional.