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  1. skirtguy

    Cowboys vs Razorbacks 2024 This is such a long way away! Predictions on what will be different about our program and college football by then...GO!
  2. skirtguy

    Orange On in...

    Orange on in Syracuse! Go Orange and Go Pokes! For the record, I really miss the OP tailgate. They have no idea what tailgating and football is up here.
  3. skirtguy

    Vote Vanessa Shippy for Senior CLASS Award

    Yes, I know she's my fiance' but she also does a pretty good job of representing the University on and off the field and that's exactly what this award is about. Community, Classroom, Character and Competition. Cast your vote here:
  4. skirtguy

    Oklahoma State Outfielder Rylee Bayless Out for Season after Tearing ACL

    She should be able to get one, which is great news for her. Sucks for our lineup. She is REALLY good at getting on base.
  5. skirtguy

    OSU Golf Trick Shot Video

    This is pretty fantastic. Go Pokes!
  6. skirtguy

    West Virginia Cinematic Highlights

    Yikes...still nervous just watching these highlights. What a game!
  7. skirtguy

    Coach Snyder: One Classy Guy

    Took the time to write Grogan a note about Saturday. Very cool!
  8. skirtguy

    OSU vs UCA Cinematic Highlights

    Awesome stuff here from Orange Power Studios. Those guys are really stepping it up this season.
  9. skirtguy

    Random thoughts about osu/uca gameday

    Woman. And she's a rockstar!
  10. skirtguy


    No. No he doesn't...I'll avoid most of the story, but I'll just say he actually took the initiative to get back in school, he's taken two classes, including business calc, and gotten A's in both. He should be done next summer.
  11. skirtguy


    Best kept secret in Stillwater...The Loft. Quiet bar on the 4th floor of the Cimmaron Hotel behind Panera Bread. If you want a quiet place to grab a drink, that's the place to go.
  12. skirtguy

    Larry Reece - #downgoescancer
  13. skirtguy

    OSU media day

    They moved SportsCenter to ESPNews. I didn't realize it until 1:15.
  14. skirtguy

    OSU media day

    Heads up: Gundy will be on Sports Center at 1:15PM
  15. skirtguy

    Who's buying #2 Jersey? I am .

    I hope anyone can buy them. I would guess the orders for the jerseys to be in the stores soon would have had to go out a while ago. I'm thinking there are going to be a LOT of #10 jerseys everywhere.
  16. skirtguy

    Summer Giveaway

    Basically, each ticket you have is one entry. So, let's say you have five season tickets. You could put one entry down for each and spread them out evenly, or you could enter giveaway #1 four times and #2 once. Or distribute however you'd like.
  17. skirtguy

    Football Posters

    I'll try to remember to bring some over there tomorrow morning when I go. Thank you for the heads up!