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  1. ArlingtonPoke

    Reason O-line so bad

    It is obvious that the Oline is really bad. I do not blame this loss on Corndog. I thought he played well. He was simply running for his life most of the time. I reason for the bad Oline is not on Josh Henson. I think it goes back to 2015 and 2016 when Greg Adkins was the Oline coach. Adkins...
  2. ArlingtonPoke

    Knowles a bad hire

    This guys defense has been a disappointment. Even KU burned him. Gundy made a mistake
  3. ArlingtonPoke

    Well basketball season is almost here

    Football season looks like it is going South. Hopefully Basketball will be decent
  4. ArlingtonPoke


    In the off-season Gundy said “I will be shocked if our Oline is not better than last year.” He must be going through a lot of shock right now. This oline may be worse than the 2014 line. They could not run block to save their life and Corn Dog was running for his life
  5. ArlingtonPoke

    Perspective on Holder Football Recruiting statements

    A few weeks back OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder made some comments concerning Gundy's recruiting practices in football. I would like to discuss this issue, along with some of the good and bad about this event, and what it means for the future of OSU football. Positives First of all this is...
  6. ArlingtonPoke

    Questions for Ubber and Lyft drivers

    I am considering doing either Lyft or Ubber as a part-time job. The only problem is that my auto insurance said that if I transport passengers that they may not be covered in the event of an accident. Those of you that drive for Ubber or Lyft, tell me how you deal with this.
  7. ArlingtonPoke

    Jim Bob Clements, Unsung Hero!

    One of the unsung heroes of the play of the Poke Dline is this guy. He has been outstanding. Case in point Emanuel Ogbah was a three star but was not even ranked in Texas. Yes I know stars are not everything but he was not ranked and Clements has coached him into one of the best DE in college...
  8. ArlingtonPoke

    Will any OSU Football players be in NFL Draft

    Are any OSU players projected to go in the NFL Draft? You would think that James Castlemen would. He showed his athleticism in bowl game. I have heard that Ofa Hautau has a shot. What about Desmond Roland? It seems that a team would want a strong power back like him. Any others?
  9. ArlingtonPoke

    Redshirts this season?

    Does anybody have info on how some of the redshirts have been doing this year in FB? Like who has stood out in practice? Good thing they get extra days!
  10. ArlingtonPoke

    Another Perspective on this FB Season

    Like most Poke fans I am really disappointed in the way this season has gone. We have all become spoiled by the past years success. Great offense and defense that causes turnovers. A young team with injuries makes things difficult. But I wanted to bring up an example of a similar situation to...
  11. ArlingtonPoke

    Justin Blackmon - Arrested 7/23/14

    Does anybody know if he is going to play this season? He was tearing it up on the field. Hate to see him throw away an NFL career.
  12. ArlingtonPoke

    Rennie Childs playing in Cotton Bowl?

    Is he going to play in the Cotton Bowl? He got knocked out of the Baylor game with concussion.
  13. ArlingtonPoke

    Glen Spencer and Joe Bob Clements.

    Spencer should be National Assistant Coach of the Year. Clements is the unsung hero. It is because of him that players like Bean, Ogbah, Wren etc. are playing at the level they are.
  14. ArlingtonPoke

    Freshmen DT?

    The pokes have two freshmen defensive tackles. One was I think named Hughes. One is very strong Are they being redshirted?
  15. ArlingtonPoke

    Jeremiah Tishiminga moved to DE?

    I saw where he was moved to DE. Question:Did he outgrow the LB position?
  16. ArlingtonPoke

    Out of the blue posting errors....

    Can someone help. I am unable to post a thread on the Sports Forum. It does not say Post Thread anywhere. I have been a member since 07
  17. ArlingtonPoke

    Is StubHub safe?

    I used it for the Baylor game. No problems as far as I know.
  18. ArlingtonPoke

    Coach Gundy

    Despite all the wins these past couple of years this may be his best coaching job. 5-2, should be 6-1. Lots of injuries. Great job.
  19. ArlingtonPoke

    Justin Blackmon: Bust?

    I am a JB fan but I really have to wonder is this guy a bust? Did not have one catch today. Or does he just play on a bad team?
  20. ArlingtonPoke

    Lyndell Johnson and jimmy bean

    What has happened to these two? Are they both still injured?