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  1. CJ4oSu

    What's going on here?! ( A New Construction on Campus Thread )

    I'm not 100% certain, but I'm thinking it's just a permanent lot for the tennis facility. It's been gravel and dirt since it's been finished. Would also allow more parking for baseball/softball and Bennett too.
  2. CJ4oSu

    2019 Football Schedule

    Western Illinois in 2020 and Missouri State in 2022 are the only ones left on future schedules, but we have some open dates that I bet get filled with some FCS teams in 2023 and beyond...
  3. CJ4oSu

    Jawun Evans

    He hasn't washed out yet. He had a decent rookie season and will be picked up by another team at some point this season.
  4. CJ4oSu

    K-State Campus and Stadium

    Yeah... it's much nicer now. Did they add bathrooms and concessions to the upper deck? I remember having to walk all the way down to the concourse for that in... I'm guessing it was 2010.
  5. CJ4oSu

    K-State Campus and Stadium

    I really like the architecture of the campus and I think it's a pretty nice college town. I had some friends who went to school there and they all loved Manhattan. I thought the stadium was kinda meh, but I haven't been back since they added the new tower.
  6. CJ4oSu

    Homecoming kickoff time 7:00 ABC

    It's homecoming. BPS will be packed when the game starts, but if it starts going downhill like the last few games, it'll empty out quickly after halftime.
  7. CJ4oSu

    Homecoming kickoff time 7:00 ABC

    Because Texas is back.
  8. CJ4oSu

    Our Bowl Destination...?

    Liberty Bowl might be fun.
  9. CJ4oSu

    Cowboys vs Razorbacks 2024

    We should play Arkansas a lot more often.
  10. CJ4oSu

    Well basketball season is almost here

    I'm not sure lack of talent is the problem. We have some pretty good pieces, they're just mostly young guys with little experience.
  11. CJ4oSu

    Let's put away the torches and pitchforks!

    I mean... There were good chunks of the stadium that were empty Saturday before the mass exodus in the 4th quarter. They're lucky the next home game is homecoming AND Texas or else it might have looked pretty bad.
  12. CJ4oSu

    Fake Media attempts to Punk Gundy and fails

    I think the whole situation could've been handled better. Just have the players say no comment and tell the reporters you aren't going to speak about someone who isn't on your team anymore. The whole situation would've blown over. With that said, the response by certain media members is sad and...
  13. CJ4oSu

    L.D Brown V Chubba Hubbard..who wins?

    Chubba makes running fast look very easy.
  14. CJ4oSu

    Lucas N’Guessan

    But, for the first time in a while we actually have decent depth in the post... so that's neat.
  15. CJ4oSu

    Maybe a good bet(wvu hoops)

    I'm not sure this would be a good bet at all.
  16. CJ4oSu

    OSU Buildings new to me

    Oh gotcha, you can actually see their new building in the picture the OP posted. It's the building with the green roof just north of the new power plant.
  17. CJ4oSu

    OSU Buildings new to me

    The old building is gone, they built a new one pretty close to to where the old one was.
  18. CJ4oSu

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    I don't think he's necessarily wrong.
  19. CJ4oSu

    Cowboy Basketball Expectations, Going Forward

    Being competitive in every game and not getting frustrated watching games like I did when Travis was the coach. I think coach Boynton is building a solid foundation for the program going forward with the guys he's recruited so far. Maybe they aren't the highest rated recruits we've ever had, but...
  20. CJ4oSu

    Ranking Big 12 qbs

    Grier is really good. The rest of his team is okay.