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    Come on in here and eat some crow

    So many of you clowns need to come and eat some crow. Whether you shat on our QB, our defense, or our safeties... come and get t
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    Football Players Are Protesting Police Violence, Not the Anthem

    Because simple middle school logic would say that they’re protesting exactly what they say they’re protesting.... why is that so lost on you? It’s a shame so many of our servicemen active and retired share the same idiotic views you do.
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    Football Players Are Protesting Police Violence, Not the Anthem

    That’s weird. If you swore to defend anything, it was the constitution. Not the flag. The constitution. What they’re doing is very American. As someone who has taken the oath myself, I love and encourage all athletes to participate. I encourage all service members to realize this is not an...
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    How Can I Cure My White Guilt?

    It’s very silly to act like their struggles are the same. Their interests might overlap but they’re definitely not the same, and the effort it takes to get one group to point A is half the effort it will/would take group B to get there.
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    How Can I Cure My White Guilt?

    Their interests aren’t remotely the same, though...
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    W/L Prediction Thread

    Pretty much what I’m thinking. First real game is basically OU
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    Punter Zach Sinor

    Hope we can do that against Baylor and OU. Eventually it's going to lead to a pick six or safety (by sack, TFL, or holding in the EZ if they feel like actually flagging holds for once).
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    MY > DM

    You could argue the same for games where the offense looks bad, but no in those games Yurcich is just bad right? Gtfo
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    Get on board.....

    Been saying we had a chance since August. I'm on board!
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    MY > DM

    Someone has an irrational hatred of Yurcich.
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    MY > DM

    OSU dominated, and as has been the case in the last few games, we could've put up more. Easily could've scored 50+ but don't really care. Chew the clock, make them earn every single yard they get and end the game with a W. That's all that matters as an undefeated. Yurcich has grown into a good...
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    Kevin Peterson

    One of the best corners in the country and no one really knows about him.
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    OSU Greater than the Sum of its Parts...ESPN piece

    :derp: Like that's a bad thing. I think the last few games are indicative of Yurcich and the offensive staff really putting things together. I've believed since day one Yurcich could get it done. Took some time but so far things look like they're coming together.
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    Pokes vs Frogs Predictions

    Lots of groans if he misses the FG though..
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    Pokes vs Frogs Predictions

    Unless that #14 team boasts two top 10:whistle: wins and a top 15 win at the end of the year.
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    Pokes vs Frogs Predictions

    OSU 38 TCU 27
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    Formula is simple in beating TCU

    Sounds similar to a TDU...
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    Formula is simple in beating TCU

    3rd and 17 is rarely converted. And with our relatively inexperienced OL and QB running is probably the safer call. Most teams will run in that situation. An exceptional offense might not but you're delusional if you think we're there yet. This isn't Xbox where you can just call four verts...
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    Tortilla Tossers Prediction Thread

    56-20 Cowboys.