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  1. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    Dude. Give it a rest.
  2. El Gato Bandito

    Athletics Construction Progress

    Nothing much to see at baseball. It’s all dirt work and utilities at the moment
  3. El Gato Bandito


    I think its a pretty solid hire for the GM role. He was a great player and regular for the national team for a long time. I don't think his work at Philly was all that amazing, but he had a successful run in the Dutch Eredivese before then as technical director for a few of their larger clubs...
  4. El Gato Bandito

    Open letter to Coach's Holder/Holliday/Walton from a fan who wants to be a FAN

    yeesh and I thought it was just our football fans that were unreasonable. Our baseball program is just fine dude. Step off the ledge.
  5. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    I remember hearing some story about 10-15 years ago about the then owner not trusting banks so he kept all of his money in the back office inside a trash barrel, and one night somebody came in and stole it while he was passed out drunk, so he had to sell it to what I think was the Willie's...
  6. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    I remember there being some sort of connection to College Bar. Are they both owned by the same guy or are they both managed by the same guy or something like that?
  7. El Gato Bandito

    Roseanne canceled at ABC following racist tweet

    She said something ugly and offensive and was fired for it. Why are you bringing up Keith Olbermann? This isn't an liberal versus conservative issue, this is a cause and reaction issue. There are consequences for your actions when you are communicating in an openly public avenue. End of story.
  8. El Gato Bandito

    what kind of snake?

    Well I usually just throw them over the fence or leave them be, but he made a move at my dog shortly after I took that picture and i didn't know if he was venomous or not so he lost his head. But I think you're right. Looks pretty similar to what I found.
  9. El Gato Bandito

    what kind of snake?

    found this guy out back yesterday when I started the grill, he raised up and spread out what looked almost like a viper hood
  10. El Gato Bandito

    Need your life pro tips on shaving your head...

    I've been shaving my head since my early 20's. Receding hairline got a little too intense and I didn't want to be rocking a fading glory hairstyle. I just buzzed it with trimmers, no guard, for a long time. Just this last year I actually made the switch to the razor and I prefer it versus the...
  11. El Gato Bandito

    2018 Thunder Offseason

    Yeah Melo isn't getting traded, he is either exercising his player option and staying another year to get that fat paycheck, or he can decline that player options for the final year so he can be a FA signing to play somewhere for less money that is maybe a better fit.
  12. El Gato Bandito

    Mr. Thunder has retired

    I hated him so much at KU, but loved him so much with the Thunder.
  13. El Gato Bandito

    2018 Thunder Offseason

    The return of Roberson will be the most obvious boost to our team defensive numbers, but I also wonder how much of a positive jump we will see from a new starting PF. (at this point I am telling myself that Melo is gone no matter what, because that's what I want to believe dammit) Removing Melo...
  14. El Gato Bandito

    Oklahoma City Thunder playoffs

    Thunder should have another super interesting off-season this year. They could possibly sit pat, and just return with the exact same roster they came with aside from losing PG and Melo exercising his options. But I really doubt that will be the case. I don't really agree with some of his moves...
  15. El Gato Bandito

    Oklahoma City Thunder playoffs

    Yeah that was pretty wild. They looked dead in the water there for a little while. They showed more heart and determination last night than they did the entire second half of the season. Hope they keep it up.
  16. El Gato Bandito

    Oklahoma City Thunder playoffs

    Totally agree that Presti deserves blame. It's his mess, but Donovan hasn't shown any type of creative problem solving to try and help out. It just seems like he just is doing the same thing every day and hoping for a different result to magically appear at some point. They may be able to pull...
  17. El Gato Bandito

    Oklahoma City Thunder playoffs

    Trying not to let one or two games skew my opinion too much, but this team looks like a hot mess right now. I'm not sure what the answer it, but something drastic needs to change. Try a new starting 5. Put Melo on the bench, start Grant, or pull Brewer and start Huestis. SOMETHING has got to...
  18. El Gato Bandito

    The Framing of Joe Paterno

    I'm not going to click on this link, but there is plenty of evidence proving the horrible things that had been going on for years. Don't feed the trolls.