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  1. pokeu3

    Orange on in La Jolla, CA

    Hollywood CA!
  2. pokeu3

    Maybe a good bet(wvu hoops)

    The problem is, is that WVU looks really good first half of the big 12 season, but since it is round robin their style of play is easily recognizable the second time around. This causes their downfall and for them always...fall to the middle of the big 12. I would like to see WVU do...
  3. pokeu3

    Baseball at Iowa

    It sucks that Iowa dropped out of the top 50 after these 2 recent losses to us and mizzou. After today: Iowa-RPI 58 OSU-RPI 19 (!)-Even with our loss to ORU on Wed This series means a whole lot to Iowa to get into the NCAA tournament.
  4. pokeu3

    Bedlam Baseball

    This is our chance to really put OU out of the big 12 race today. Texas still has TCU and tech to play, we have @Baylor and tech, tech has Texas and us, and ou on the other hand has ku and ksu. 2 opponents that can be swept easily. We beat ou today, it basically takes them out of the race.
  5. pokeu3

    Men's Basketball Grad transfer Mike Cunningham committed to OSU

    My favorite is Anthony Hickey from 2014-2015. Even though he did come from a power conference having some great exposure, he had the most impact of any transfer in recent time for us.
  6. pokeu3

    NIT: Cowboys vs Stanford

    I am very disappointed...I thought I would get to see my pokes here in LA.
  7. pokeu3

    Pokes vs Taco Tech

    Tonight HCMB exceeded the predictions of only winning 5 games in the big 12, and we arent even done yet. I am seeing huge production from our sophomores like Lindy and Cam. Awesome job coach. Lets on not drawing charges especially on our fast breaks please lol.
  8. pokeu3

    Football 2017 LB Levi Draper

    From my understanding we were recruiting him before he got big, and then once he blew up OU went after him.
  9. pokeu3

    Football 2017 LB Levi Draper

    Im not sure if John Kolar was an OU fan, but he grew up in Norman and his dad is a professor at OU.
  10. pokeu3

    MBB - 2015 Selection Sunday Thread

    Whoops definitely read that wrong.
  11. pokeu3

    MBB - 2015 Selection Sunday Thread

    I watched Oregon play recently in their final game vs Oregon state at Oregon state. Oregon state should've won if they didn't play all 5 walk ons at the start. Oregon does not look impressive at all. They played very sloppy. Oregon state had good record in the Pac-12 as well and we murdered them.
  12. pokeu3

    Men's basketball @ Baylor

    We are getting ISU/WVU at good times. It looks like both teams are not playing so well, while we are playing great. Depending on Sat if both of those teams (or if we fall @TCU....TCU has had some very close games already this year) do well or continue their downfall I really do not see us losing...
  13. pokeu3

    Cowboys basketball at Texas

    Besides our big game on Sat, there are two others that need to be watched. If Tulsa gets by Houston today they will be 10-0 in their conf and playing #23 SMU (SMU plays today too) at home. If they win that is a HUGE resume boost to us. Also Memphis will be playing Temple (RPI 46) at home, would...
  14. pokeu3

    Bedlam Basketball Part 2 in Stillwater

    What???? NEVER do I want to lose to OU....EVER
  15. pokeu3

    Oklahoma State Signee Evans A McDonald’s All-American

    Yall have to admit. Ford can coach guards. Keaton Page, Phil Forte, Marcus Smart, Markel Brown, Anthony Hickey, you could throw in Byron Eaton for a year., I mean even Shine is looking pretty good so far too That is why we keep getting good guards coming to OSU because we have had a lot of...
  16. pokeu3

    Phil Steele: P5 Conference Returning Starters

    Our biggest fill will be RB. Thought Ronald Jones would come right in and be our starter, but nvm. I know we have Childs but who else
  17. pokeu3

    #16 Cowgirl Basketball vs Texas Tech

    I am a little confused why we are even ranked #16. We beat one okay team at 9-5 (@USC). This team will beat good teams (like tonight so far winning 18-39), but our most impressive game is us losing @UNC by 2 points. I mean we were ranked #18 last week and then we got blown out by Baylor and...
  18. pokeu3

    Cowboy Basketball vs Iowa State

    We always play Iowa State tough. Even when we are horrible (2011-2012 we won at home with Nash turn around fade shot to win and lost on a buzzer beater 3 on the road....shocker). Last year without Smart we almost won at home too. Honestly expect this one to be another close game
  19. pokeu3

    MSTU @ OSU Game Thread

    Not this year. Big 12 is so strong I think we either win 9 or 10 games in it...maybe. We will win prob (if we win against MD and mizzou 20-21 games) I will say we will in 1 or 2 games in the big 12 tourn. and if we make the ncaa tourn win 1 or 2 games. It will be close but I just dont see it...
  20. pokeu3

    MSTU @ OSU Game Thread

    The only reason why Middle Tenn was only down by 10 pts for a while was because we played our bench mainly. Now starters are back in and destroying them