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  1. swamppoke

    A Leftist Mob ‘Polices’ Portland

    Is this a game? Shall we count the examples of far left "mob" behavior, and far right "mob" behavior, in, say the past 2 years and see who wins the "disgrace award"? If you want to go there, I'll play. Sounds like fun.
  2. swamppoke

    Worst loss of the Gundy era

    If you can remember that, you can remember oSu's "successes" in the decade prior to Gundy. Certainly, he has benefited from Picken's largesse, but look across the nation and count the number of coaches that have achieved more in the past 10 years. It is a short list. Gundy pisses me off...
  3. swamppoke

    Fire Yurcich

    That is pretty short sighted, don't you think? Why not call Bill Young? And while you're at it, dial up Jimmy Johnson, or a Ryan. Defense sucks, but it's hard to throw a DC under the bus his first season with someone else's players.
  4. swamppoke

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 7 (Grampa Whupped Us edition)

    Man. ranked below FSU. Didn't they lose to bye last week? That WILL leave a mark.
  5. swamppoke

    How Will Knowles Handle Tech?

    I think it will start similar to Boise State - we will play a soft zone, and just see what Tech is bringing this game. Once Knowles has a look at what they're bringing, it will be what @NYC Poke poke said, plus a big wedgie to coach Bro. If they can't run the ball (and it looks like that may...
  6. swamppoke

    Big 12 2018 vs 2017

    Agree. FAU will have to show me something before I credit them with a "solid G5 team" status. They looked absolutely clueless on all sides of the ball. The love for an abject failure like Kiffin continues to amaze me. He left one employer in the lurch, and was fired from the other 3 of 4...
  7. swamppoke

    AP Poll

    uhhh. didn't Miami play LSU? And they did look embarrassing. Just like the Seminoles. ;)
  8. swamppoke

    ‘OUTRAGED’ Americans Disgusted With Hyper-Politicized McCain Funeral

    I, for one, am a bit concerned they might exhume him and start a world funeral tour.
  9. swamppoke

    Schools with the most true road wins vs P5/BCS since 2010

    but their home game record would likely suffer. It helps those home game statistics if you never play a major rival there.
  10. swamppoke

    IG Report, who's in the crosshairs?

    I'm beginning to understand what a "higher loyalty" really entails.
  11. swamppoke

    beer fridge chest freezer conversion

    I used a Johnson Controls for mine as well, but my son-in-law went with the one @Coolfogg talked about. They both work fine. The Inkbird is cheaper and digital. the JC is analog.
  12. swamppoke

    Bizarre story about Scott Pruitt comes to light

    heh. I'd say @jcowboy 's post was surpassed in absurdity only by your logic stream to arrive at the conclusion of "party before country" (which was declared from a very high horse). What Pruitt did was wrong, even if it was "ethically legal". It was wrong. I don't dispute that. And thank...
  13. swamppoke

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    I agree with you totally, but misquotes are just plain wrong. To refute such madness as Hitler, truth is the best weapon, even if it isn't "catchy". As you pointed out, Hitler clearly said enough disgusting things without people resorting to making them up for a cute meme. There was a...
  14. swamppoke

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    I hate "made up" quotes, even when I agree with some of them. The second sentence is total fabrication.
  15. swamppoke

    A/V subscription issues

    @CasperPoke11 , Add me to the list. My payment renewed as it always does, on the 17th of January. I have no access to the AV.
  16. swamppoke

    Herp Derp We won't get into the playoff even if we finish undefeated

    Do not agree. If the CFP holds to their mantra, oSu should jump Iowa, Baylor, and maybe ND. Should jump Alabama an tOSU as well since bama has a loss to an unranked team and tOSU has no real wins, but that's just not gonna happen.
  17. swamppoke

    Big 12 Teams' Conference-Records Since Last Realignment

    you, sir, have a solid grasp of the obvious. ;)
  18. swamppoke

    J.Bean and any other injuries?

    pretty sure that the payrolls pretty much reflect that, except possibly in the case of the "man among boys" WRs, of which there are around 10-15 or so total. RB values have dropped through the floor in NFL. They just don't last that long, for the most part, so why spend $$$$ on long term...
  19. swamppoke

    A Complete team

    ....and the 100+ other schools lose revenue to support the playoff? Not bloody likely.
  20. swamppoke

    A Complete team

    How "nice" are those Iowa wins, given how horrible the B1G conference is overall? They will play their entire schedule without a ranked opponent. Regardless, your conclusion is correct. We will pass them with a quality win.