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  1. cowboys_r_us

    Knowles a bad hire

    Knowles isn’t coaching players to let receivers run past them or jump at ball fakes. Henson was given a trash line to work with. It takes time to replace your line. I think the biggest coaching issue is the general lack of focus. Mentally this team is weak and that’s been a consistent problem.
  2. cowboys_r_us

    We have to be patient...

    Seems pretty straight forward- There’s no one better in the program currently and he’s going to make some mistakes that a 3 or 4 year starter doesn’t make. He’ll improve throughout the year. Anybody that thought he was comparable to Rudolph had too much orange koolaid.
  3. cowboys_r_us

    Ps vue

    Ive had a streaming provider for about 18 months. I would never again consider cable or satellite as I’ve never found anything but savings and less hassle dealing with companies that consistently raise prices and are a pain to deal with if you want to change anything. I have used SlingTV and...
  4. cowboys_r_us

    Will Murray stay or go.....

    If you think back about the Jeremy Bloom case (Colorado wide receiver/Olympic skiier who was getting endorsements for skiing) then either Murray shouldn’t be eligible to play if he receives a signing bonus prior to ending his collegiate career. If he doesn’t receive money until after he...
  5. cowboys_r_us

    DeLand Regional

    Funny- I was impressed by Stetson’s coach and thought he handled the situation well and just responded to the questions. If I recall, he’s a first year head coach that just beat OSU handedly to go to a super regional. Should he have apologized?
  6. cowboys_r_us

    Will Murray stay or go.....

    Riley is claiming he’s playing football even if he signs, but that sounds completely absurd. I can’t imagine a scenario where a pro team would sign him to a contract to watch him go play college football 3 months later. Seems like something you do if you enjoy pissing money away.
  7. cowboys_r_us

    Open letter to Coach's Holder/Holliday/Walton from a fan who wants to be a FAN

    Probably time to relax a little... Does the pitching, defense and hitting all need to improve next year? Yes - no doubt. Our coaches need to recruit/coach to/play guys that can produce runs more consistently and have discipline at the plate. We need to find pitchers that can fill up the...
  8. cowboys_r_us

    DeLand Regional

    19 strikeouts is absolutely pathetic. You better be facing Roger Clemens to strikeout 14 times in 7 innings. We’ve just completely lost all confidence and whatever edge we had at the end of April is completely gone. The body language is different, the effort looks different and the way guys go...
  9. cowboys_r_us

    DeLand Regional

    Lets be honest- this team is just bad right now in every phase of the game. Tons of strikeouts, past balls/wild pitches, poor pitching, giving up extra bases to opponents- just not fun to watch play the game. I’m not sure what happened to this team but they look like a different team in every...
  10. cowboys_r_us

    Texas Tech Baseball Series

    Leeper and Aleaziz not available this series. Taylor out for the year. Cameron Dobbs no longer with the team.
  11. cowboys_r_us

    Bedlam Baseball

    UT at Tech next weekend. What’s the best possible outcome?
  12. cowboys_r_us

    Bedlam Baseball

    2 years, 2 remarkable runs. Albeit they aren’t similar, but last year we had a crazy run to make the tournament and this conference run we’re on is pretty crazy. I just hope we don’t peak too early.
  13. cowboys_r_us

    Bedlam Baseball

    Wiles is definitely not the ace but he’s probably as good as Perez. He pounds the strike zone and doesn’t put many guys on base otherwise , so if we continue our offensive tear we should give ourselves a chance. Keep in mind- OU hasn’t been swept all year and there’s a reason for that. They’ve...
  14. cowboys_r_us

    Baseball vs DBU

    Found it and watched it... I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a guy pimp a homer the way that guy did - that was absurd. Respect the game for goodness sakes. Honestly wouldn’t mind whoever they play next ear holing him first pitch just out of principle for that bush league crap. You’d have thought...
  15. cowboys_r_us

    New Cowboy Baseball Stadium discussion thread: Likes, Dislikes, Ideas, Traditions, etc.

    Likes - -Stays with the same architecture as the other facilities -360 Concourse -Seating completely wrapping the playing surface outside of the space at dead center. It's going to feel like fans are right on top of the game when it's full - because there are going to be fans completely...
  16. cowboys_r_us

    J.Bean and any other injuries?

    Seriously, if we want the sack to be a major part of our game plan, Walsh's scratching hand should be a high priority.
  17. cowboys_r_us

    J.Bean and any other injuries?

    I've heard that Walsh injured his scratching hand. Any confirmation?
  18. cowboys_r_us

    TCU look alike thread

    Gary Patterson or Gary Busey?
  19. cowboys_r_us

    Seales is playing this weekend

    My reference to OSU not being a rehab facility is hyperbole... I don't think Eddie Sutton should be brought into this discussion - getting caught over the limit as a 21 year old is quite a contrast from Eddie Sutton's issues. Plus I don't think Sutton is the shining example of how to handle...
  20. cowboys_r_us

    Seales is playing this weekend

    I definitely fall on the side of many others here that think this is a mistake. OSU isn't a rehab facility. I understand on the first offense, but this is now 2 stupid incidents with Seales and alcohol.