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  1. Dez4Prez2012

    Warren releases DNA analysis that shows she's Native American

    Here is a free lesson for the liberals out there. You think Donald Trump is a low level hack, but keep going down to his low level and try to meet him hack to hack. You aren't going to ever win on his level, going down to that level makes you look bad even if you're right. Warren torpedoed her...
  2. Dez4Prez2012

    GOP trying to make Townie happy (weed)

    If the GOP give the people weed Democrats will be so isolated with their petty identity politics that they might never win an election of meaning again for a damn long time
  3. Dez4Prez2012

    The pathetic last ditch attempt to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation

    I have it on good authority from a credible source that back in the 80s one time Kavanaugh fed a gremlin after midnight
  4. Dez4Prez2012

    The pathetic last ditch attempt to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation

    This is 100% a stall tactic. They don't care about Ford, or the other accusers. They don't "believe all women" This is all to get to the election w/o a nominee in place. The playbook has been telegraphed already. If people fold and grant this 1 week investigation, by day 3 there will be...
  5. Dez4Prez2012

    The Liberalism of the Religious Right

    I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to my ol' bigoted church
  6. Dez4Prez2012

    The Liberalism of the Religious Right

    The only thing hard to believe is that you find that hard to believe
  7. Dez4Prez2012

    The pathetic last ditch attempt to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation

    Interesting tactics being used by the Democrats. - She will not be silenced. She must be heard! Everyone else: Ok, no problem. How about a testimony on Monday? - How dare you demand she be heard. You can't force a victim to be heard!
  8. Dez4Prez2012

    The pathetic last ditch attempt to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation

    Is it a stretch that someone would think of throwing out a last minute accusation that they can't totally prove (so Kavanaugh then can't totally refute) to derail the nomination when there are Democrats and liberal groups on the record saying that his nomination threatens the lives of millions...
  9. Dez4Prez2012

    The pathetic last ditch attempt to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation

    The way Democrats have acted in the era of Trump is baffling to me. Yeah, they want to be part of the cool "Resistance" but that's fine and dandy for your mom's basement and protests against vague topics. It doesn't work in government. They act like they'll never be in power in the future. They...
  10. Dez4Prez2012

    Football Players Are Protesting Police Violence, Not the Anthem

    Are there people out there that went nuts over this ad just because it had Kaepernick in it? Yes From my point of view it seems like plenty more were irked by the phrasing more than anything. 'Sacrificing everything' He sacrificed a few years of being a backup QB before he was out of the...
  11. Dez4Prez2012

    Trump meets with evangelical leaders was secretly recorded

    If that story is all the tidbits of the recording there's nothing about it that is very Trumpian. You can pretty much take those statements and apply them to any politician that meets with evangelicals.
  12. Dez4Prez2012

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    "Modern" Republicans? lol
  13. Dez4Prez2012

    son says Dem Keith Ellison violently assaulted his mom.

    This story will be buried since Ellison is one of the protected Dems
  14. Dez4Prez2012

    The Incredible Campaign Against Plastic Straws

    Just think about this: In California you are going to be worse off using an plastic straw than lying to your sexual partner and knowingly infecting them with HIV
  15. Dez4Prez2012

    CNN Obtains Secret Trump-Cohen Audio Recording

    I don't see why the Democrats are grasping for stories like this. First Stormy Now Karen McDougal There is nothing wrong with non-disclosure agreements. Happens with celebrities all the time. The fact he paid women to be silent not illegal it would only be morally wrong. They cant go the moral...
  16. Dez4Prez2012

    Stormy Daniels' husband seeks divorce, alleges adultery

    My unscientific research calculates that there is a 110% chance the adultery is with that creepy attention seeking lawyer.
  17. Dez4Prez2012

    Illegals treated better than Citizens by NY Gov

    You have to wonder... At some point aren't the stereotypical average Democrat voters, at least some of them, going to question why? Why this over the top love for illegal immigration? Why this race to show how much you can embrace illegal immigration? Pardoning their crimes, advocating for open...
  18. Dez4Prez2012

    Suckers For Socialism

    You can already tell with the growing backlash against Cortez a divide is going to happen. Yes, some of the backlash against her is self-inflicted since on tv she comes across as the dumbest politician America has ever seen (and we all know there have been some dumb politicians) Some of that...
  19. Dez4Prez2012

    Trump/Putin Debacle

    The biggest thing about all this is imagine how average everyday people would be reacting if the media wasn't in full blown outrage mode about every little Trump thing Most everyone Ive talked to that isn't a political junkie / attentive to foreign policy has a meh reaction to this. If any...
  20. Dez4Prez2012


    If you listen to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speak for a few minutes those fears should alleviate somewhat. She actually thinks unemployment numbers are low because....a lot of people have two jobs! For people that think Trump is dumb, she is a next level of idiotic. She won't represent...