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    2018 Thunder Offseason

    I'm pretty sure that they were in the top five defensively with Roberson and fell when he got hurt. I don't think hardly anyone realized how valuable he was.
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    Court rules against Colorado cake shop in same-sex marriage case

    I agree with you but the Bible doesn't say they cant make gay people wedding cakes.
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    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    No clue and don't even remember what they were.
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    SCOTUS approves gay marriage in all 50 states

    I think it's just funny he used "real deep" in a thread about gay marriage.
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    Man carries AR 15 into airport with 100 round clip

    That would only be an onion article if the guy was black.
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    Thunder Gear...for big boys...

    Try Dxl at May and be expressway.
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    Use cash when going to see "The Interview"

    "Does the power of Christ compel me Jay, does it?"
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    Five Awful Things Congress Snuck Into the Omnibus Budget Deal

    I also read that they put in $1000 a month for a car for each member of congress. It was on Facebook so I don't know if it's true or not.
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    Do online death threats count as free speech?

    What about in lyrics by a musician? Eminem has had numerous songs that were about killing his ex wife should those be considered death threats?I don't agree with this single case, but this case could have a greater effect than intended.
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    UFO/Alien Thread
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    Gov. Fallin 45% - Dorman 40%

    I never heard that I stand corrected.
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    Gov. Fallin 45% - Dorman 40%

    He didn't run on family values.
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    Gov. Fallin 45% - Dorman 40%

    I always thought that you were correct but just thought it was interesting that the said that.
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    Gov. Fallin 45% - Dorman 40%

    I watched something on news 9 that said republicans make up 50% of the voters. Not saying you are wrong just what I heard.
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    What do you guys think of this one?

    So I will say I believe it was excessive force but by law it might not be. Also in your opinion are things like this happening more frequently or are we just seeing it more with the amount of social media today?
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    What do you guys think of this one?

    I thought I heard the passenger say he didn't have his ID and tried to give them a Ticket he had received. Which is why he didn't have his license. IMO they may have had the right(I say may have just becuase I don't know the law) to require him to get out of the car, but were excessive in the...
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    Marriage Laws - age

    Being in the veterinary industry most breeders say to wait at least until the second heat cycle, for many of those reasons.
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    California man may face charges for shooting burgler

    Mr Box doesn't want that at all sir.