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  1. PickleRick

    Gundy's Ceiling and Defining Success

    Yeah, but Bellotti wasn't fired. He was promoted to AD. And had a clear succession plan in place with Chip Kelly. I get your point, though.
  2. PickleRick

    Well basketball season is almost here

    Decided to put my money where my love is! Found this beaut on eBay. Had one back when JamesOn was playing, but it got lost after I graduated and moved back east. This one is perfect quality! Excited to rock this for all of our hoops games this year! Go Pokes!
  3. PickleRick

    Well basketball season is almost here

    Count me as one who ALWAYS looks forward to basketball season more than football. Even in 2011. The basketball team is the reason I went to Oklahoma State - I loved them from a young age - even growing up in Connecticut where I had UConn dominating in my backyard. I have always been in love with...
  4. PickleRick

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    And that is a fair opinion to have - and as I said before, I am not knocking anyone who has that opinion. If someone puts their hands on my daughter with malicious intent I would never forgive them. He put his hands on someone's daughter - I choose not to forgive that. Again, I am happy for...
  5. PickleRick

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    Yeah... I think the difference is Joseph Randle played three seasons as a Cowboy and was never dismissed from the team. The point that SOME might be missing and that the poster above me is CLEARLY missing is that Tyreek Hill was dismissed from the team and then went on to play at another...
  6. PickleRick

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    I appreciate everybody's input here and I think @OSUMIKE17 summed it up pretty well... It is almost like every post written so far was an exact thought I had that night when I was asked that question. I even remember my cousin laughing at me as I talked this out and saying "Ok so you have no...
  7. PickleRick

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    Well put.
  8. PickleRick

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    Yeah, this is where I landed as well. I was interested to see that instagram page post that jersey when I do not really consider him an Oklahoma State NFL player.
  9. PickleRick

    Do you claim Tyreek Hill?

    Sorry for the sensitive subject so close to game day, but I am really curious on this board's thoughts on this... I just saw a post on Instagram from an account called "boonepickensstate" that reminded me of a conversation I had with my cousin earlier this month. The post was of a couple of...
  10. PickleRick

    OSU Framed Photos Help!

    There used to be a site (hoping it still exists) where you could buy professional framed photos of OSU Campus and athletic facilities. I bought a beautiful shot of BPS there and an amazing picture of the Remember the 10 Campus memorial. Does anyone know if that site still exists? If so, what...
  11. PickleRick

    Link to Basketball game

    Link to today's game:
  12. PickleRick

    Preseason Coaches Poll - Oklahoma State #25

    PickleRick: Oh, sweet. I'm going to post how we are ranked 25th in the country so we can all celebrate how we are preseason ranked going into a "rebuild" year. Look how far our program has come! Nah - lets debate whether or not the Big 12 is a weak conference! Never change...
  13. PickleRick

    Preseason Coaches Poll - Oklahoma State #25

    Alabama Clemson Ohio State Georgia Oklahoma Washington Wisconsin Miami Penn State Auburn Notre Dame Michigan State Stanford Michigan USC TCU Virginia Tech Missisippi State Florida State West Virginia Texas Boise State UCF LSU Oklahoma State Looks like we will be opening the season ranked
  14. PickleRick

    Lincoln Riley " We have to recruit better"

    Just... one more time...
  15. PickleRick

    Lincoln Riley " We have to recruit better"

    lol no... that is not what happened :facepalm:... you started a thread calling them out, they responded by providing the article you were referring to as context and you continued to attack them (with a litany of misspelled and made up words (spiciously?), misused capitalization, and overall...
  16. PickleRick

    Homecoming Hotels

    I am booking my trip for Homecoming, and I am baffled that no hotels appear to have vacancies this far out. I usually crash with my buddy, but he is planning on moving, so I do not think he will be there this year and want to book a room just in case. Are these hotels really booked already? Or...
  17. PickleRick

    Lucas N’Guessan

    Wow, you expected N'Guessan to contribute? Go AdamM619! This decision is best for everyone involved. Let the young man go to a smaller school where he can have fun playing ball and finish his education. He didnt really fit into the Big 12. Nobody's fault.
  18. PickleRick

    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    When he walks into Stamford, TX, a small high school, he walks out with a Biletnikoff winner...
  19. PickleRick

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Stillwater is also 220 miles closer than Northwestern... doesnt appear location from hometown really played much of a part in where he wants to go to school. Hope you are right though.
  20. PickleRick

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Just ordered this one for myself...