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  1. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    Went to the City of Stillwater website last night to try to get utilities in my name when I move into my house at the end of the month. Because I haven't been a city utilities customer in the past two years, I had to physically go to City Hall to do it. Used my lunch hour to do this and although...
  2. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    Personal or not, bicycles are just as much or more of a safety concern than the scooters. Many times I have been nearly hit or forced to move out of the way of bicycles, skateboards and once a guy on a Segway nearly ran me over when I was coming out of Engineering North and he was riding down...
  3. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    If the University was really concerned about safety they would have long ago banned bicycles, skateboards, Segways, non-motorized scooters, etc. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been hit by bicycles or skateboards on campus, I was almost run down by a guy on a Segway once. The email...
  4. naffigator

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    I guess it all depends on the person. My oldest daughter is 24 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she is going into her second year of a pretty good job with insurance and other benefits. She has OSU faculty trying to get her to go get her Masters so she can join the faculty here. She did get a small...
  5. naffigator

    Silly Picture Thread

    I used to work at that Target.
  6. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    And what exactly does he think complaining over and over on this board will do to fix the potholes? Maybe we should form an Orange Power pothole repair team and get to work.
  7. naffigator

    Lawmaker pushing to change Oklahoma's labor laws by repealing right to work

    So Texas, Florida and Arizona have good economies because of tourism not Right To Work, but Missouri has a better economy because they aren't a Right To Work state, got it. Right To Work is bad for workers but minimum wage in Arizona is $10.50/hour, and Florida's is $8.50. In fact looking at...
  8. naffigator

    Lawmaker pushing to change Oklahoma's labor laws by repealing right to work

    So what you're saying is because it was easy to talk employees out of unionizing, companies got right to work passed so they could keep unions out? That paragraph makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So in your opinion right to work doesn't work in Oklahoma, what about the 24 other states with...
  9. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    Darden, owner of Olive Garden and former owner of Red Lobster, doesn't do franchises. All stores are corporate owned. So unless Stan bought controlling interest in Darden he didn't buy either of those.
  10. naffigator

    Silly Picture Thread

    Yes, RIP. Though if you had asked me how old he was, I would have guessed 87 not 77. He seemed like he was in his mid 70's or older when the show started 10 years ago.
  11. naffigator

    Side trips from Stillwater to Branson?

    Head over to the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, then it is straight north to Branson. You can do some canoeing or just sightseeing at Buffalo River, it is a beautiful place. Total drive time that way is about an hour longer than taking 44 up to Springfield and then heading south to Branson.
  12. naffigator

    Radical Plan to Split California Into Three States On November Ballot

    With the exception of Sacremento and the I-5/PCH corridor from about San Rafael to just south of LA the state is pretty darn conservative. Unfortunately, that corridor is about 60% of the state's population. The conservatives in those other parts of the state are tired of the leftist agenda...
  13. naffigator

    North Korea and United States Summit

    Are they voting on SQ 788 also? I thought they were Muslims not Hindus.
  14. naffigator

    The Issues Thread

    The problem I see with this is who is going to provide the loans? IMO nobody other than the top 1% (well maybe 5%) would be able to get loans, so then the government would have to step in and provide the loans and we basically have a single-payer system. You talked about people having cars, but...
  15. naffigator

    Wacky news of the day

    MAN CRASHES INTO RIVER AFTER ATTEMPTING TO GIVE HIMSELF A BLOWJOB WHILE DRIVING Share196K Tweet Goose Creek, SC | A South Carolina man was miraculously rescued by passers-by after he lost control of his vehicle and ended up in a nearby river. Anthony Sanders, 47, reportedly told police officers...
  16. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    Now they need to reopen Bill's Italian.
  17. naffigator

    City of Stillwater thread

    I haven't been to Willie's in years, but would really hate to see it close. Maybe because the Bloodworth's were family friends but I have stronger memories of it being there than I do pretty much any other bar other than the Wet Olive.
  18. naffigator

    Need your life pro tips on shaving your head...

    My hairline started receding when I was 16 and by my early 20's had just a fringe around the edge. At first I went with the Dana Holgorsen look letting grow long, but no comb over. Once I joined the Navy I kept it short and constantly had people saying, "Why don't you shave your head?" To which...
  19. naffigator

    over throwing the constitutional electoral college

    The original post and the issue at hand is not whether the EC needs to be kept or scrapped but whether the states that are requiring their electors to vote with the popular vote are violating the Constitution or at the least violating the rights of the electors themselves?