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    Let's Throw Out Some Gundy Replacements (Just For Fun...)

    Gary Gibbs could work rather well. He's available and on staff right now.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 7 (Grampa Whupped Us edition)

    Coaching F. This one was all about a coaching debacle. There is unfortunately a much bigger problem. Any more defections like McCleskey and Gundy will have to go sooner rather than later.
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    Worst loss of the Gundy era

    Yes. Immediately
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    Let's put away the torches and pitchforks!

    I hate golf. The analogy is accurate unfortunately. I want to see a team that is constantly striving for Big 12 championships, beating OU 4 out of 5 years, and making the final four and beating Alabama. We're not doing that right now. and haven't for quite some time. I'm ready for a torch and...
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    Chances we’ll get to a bowl

    It's not been just this year.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 6 (Out Walking About edition)

    Coaching: F- Sanders and/or Brown need the reps. With the way its looking, this season may be short; the change needs to happen immediately.
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    Cowboy Basketball Expectations, Going Forward

    I agree with making the tournament every year, with a chance to make a deep run. But also, sweeping OU every year.
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    A/V subscription issues

    Same here.
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    NIT: Cowboys vs Western Kentucky

    espn recap article says that Western Kentucky now has consecutive NIT wins, first time since 1948. Going to be another grinder, got to play hard on Wednesday. Any updates on Solomon?
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    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

  11. Well

    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

    Goodwin just got his career high Against us?
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    NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

    Lost intensity on defense. They got to get it back.
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    Which postseason snub was worse, 2011 football or 2018 basketball?

    I voted for this years NCAA tournament snub. My reasoning, is my reasoning. At the time I did not believe we would make the football finals because of politics. That turned out true. I honestly believed we would be in the NCAA tournament this year after the fantastic wins we had down the...
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    NCAA Tournament Discussion Thread

    "With an RPI of 90, Oklahoma State would have been the highest RPI team to receive an at-large bid in history. And the fact the Cowboys scheduled five teams in the bottom 100 of the RPI turned out to be their death knell in a way, too" How exactly were we to know that those teams would tank so...
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    2015 Fan Shirt Vote

    None of the above. Oklahoma State with the #1 back side. Simple and clean.
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    Wednesday osu vs isu

    They're not playing inspired. Must get going.
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    Castleman on offense

    Totally agree.
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    Game Thread: TicketCity Cactus Bowl OSU vs Washington

    Got to get intensity back.