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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    To that point, OSU has a chance to have 5 wins over Sweet 16 teams. TTU, WV, FSU, KS. Pretty good record if you ask me.
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    OC job should be filled "Any Day"

    Mike Yurcich as new O Coordinator and quarterback coach.
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    Love Kendrick Perkins.

    This is why Perkins is perfect for this team....
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    Thunder Vs Lakers, playoffs

    Cannot wait to destroy "World Peace" and the Lakers. Thunder Up!!!!
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    Best Cowboy Basketball Moment

    When that game was going on, I was at the Chili's in Bartlesville on a first date. I spent half the date in the bad watching the game. Needless to say there wasn't a second date, and I would change it for the world.
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    Best Cowboy Basketball Moment

    I consider myself I a young gun of OSU athletics (25), but I wanted to get other people's opinions of their best, in person, Cowboy basketball moment. Mine is the 3OT Texas game. Front row, talking trash to KD pregame (being how Greg Oden would be the first pick in the draft). I also think I...
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    Earthquake!!! 4.7 morning of Nov 5

    Felt it in Broken Arrow.
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    Scott Van Pelt

    Another interesting OSU connection is Michelle Beadle from sportsnation has a sister that went to OSU.
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    Great time to be a Cowboy

    Easy now, those liquor store beers take you by surprise sometimes. Also, watching Casino on HBO easily (in my eyes) the best movie for De Niro and Pesci.
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    Great time to be a Cowboy

    It is 2:06 on a Monday morning, I just finished the last of my Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (great if you have never had it). The Cowboy football team is 3-0 heading into a big game on national tv on Thursday against a conference opponent. We have a ranked, very good womens soccer team. Travis Ford...
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    TU Game Broadcast?

    If you live in Tulsa and have cox television, you can listen to the game on channel 960
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    OSU is......

    Add your own OSU is..... OSU is: (Not necessarily in order) -First class, freshman year being nervous, but feeling you belong. -Walking across campus before any of the upper classmen wake up because freshman schedule is early and awful. -Sitting on the little wall in front of the...
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    Gameday is Here!

    I can't wait to go to this game. I worked at Mexico Joe's for over four years and could only get off for one game a year. It feels good to be able to pick games to go to. Ready to be loud, be proud, and be cowboy.
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    LTB 1 Troy game ticket

    I'm looking to buy one ticket for the Troy game. PM me if you have one with how much you are wanting for it. Thanks.:D
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    Good job Travis Ford

    The problem with having a "discussion" like this with Vodnik is that no matter the outcome he will always find the negative. Had a scholarship player not qualified and Nick giving up his scholarship wouldn't have even been an option for him then all we would get is a thread criticizing coach...
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    Donovan Woods

    Julius Crosslin is with the Cowboys too. That gives us 3 Cowboy-Cowboy connections.
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    OSU/CU Game thread

    Not exactly what i expected but with barely a tosser in the backfield the first half, you have to think simply beating every team every game can't be good. It sucks to have nail-biters every game, but it feels good to win close ones no matter who it against under any circumstances.
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    OSU/CU Game thread

    Just fall forward. Twice!!
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    OSU/CU Game thread

    One more play!!! c'mon O-line!!!
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    OSU/CU Game thread

    it doesn't have to be pretty it just has to be a W. Run the ball, run the clock.