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  1. corben27

    Central Arkansas Result From Yesterday

    Last year, we nearly beat FSU in the opener and then fell apart not too long after. I think CMU just brought it and we didn't. David Glidden says as much in his interview in the Oklahoman.
  2. corben27

    2015 Fall Practice Thread

    Did I miss something on Antwan Hadley? The big CB out of JUCO. Is he not around?
  3. corben27

    Well, well, well....

    GEEEEZUS that sounds really bad.
  4. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

    Just like as above, but reversed!
  5. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

    But it is equally at home in the gif thread, right?
  6. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

  7. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

    Pretty sick...
  8. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

  9. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

    Found this one with the title: "Cop Strikes Woman for Public Drinking." I laughed.
  10. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

  11. corben27

    Justin Blackmon denied NFL reinstatment

    ***Get's on rickety, shabby-looking soap box*** Ok, many of you seem to think that he is simply choosing to be an "embarrassment" or a "waste of talent", or even maybe (in the thoughts of some) a waste of life. Let's get one thing straight; Justin Blackmon is a human being whose worth is not and...
  12. corben27

    Orangepower's GIF Thread

    Wait... wHaT?! Idiot.
  13. corben27

    Shep ready for big season, according to hometown paper

    Awesome! Great find and thanks for sharing!
  14. corben27

    Thunder searching for a new head coach...

    While I don't live in Oklahoma anymore and I don't have cable, I try to follow the Thunder as much as I can. Basically, I'm super out of the loop in a lot of ways. BUT, I really think we should go with a coach that has earned enough of a positive reputation to earn a nick-name à la Coach K or...
  15. corben27

    FB - The 2015 Spring Game thread

    Not free. Bummer.
  16. corben27

    Looks like I've attended 190 OSU football games. You?

    7. I'm a horrible person.
  17. corben27

    2015 Spring Practice Thread

    Any updates? I'm jonesing!
  18. corben27

    Travis Ford thread Updated 3/31 6:30 pm

    So is this a situation of no news is good news... or in this case bad news?
  19. corben27

    MBB - 2015 Selection Sunday Thread

    I did not see that coming.
  20. corben27

    MBB - 2015 Selection Sunday Thread

    9 seed?!?!