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  1. colin1497

    Communications tower

    And now I know who bought my tickets on Stubhub after I lowered the price.
  2. colin1497

    Posse Parking Changes This Year!

    Marerick slots have always been numbered, as I recall.
  3. colin1497

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike
  4. colin1497

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    If the teachers stop the walkout on "good faith" with the bozos in the legislature they will deserve what they get. They have to see this thing through until the very end.
  5. colin1497

    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    Actually, raising salaries is the first step in addressing the class size issue. Oklahoma has been bleeding teachers because it's a TERRIBLE place to be a teacher. Many districts can't afford to hire enough teachers at current pay rates, but even if they get more funding, they won't be able to...
  6. colin1497

    Giphy plugin

    Confirmed, it's having autoplay turned off, which is SOOOOOOOOO nice with so much BS autoplay video on the web, but it breaks this plugin. (about:config, media.autoplay.enabled=false)
  7. colin1497

    Giphy plugin

    Anyone else notice that giphy embeds don't actually animate? I feel like I'm missing out. It works in chrome but not in FF. I have autoplay video disabled in firefox, and I assume that might be the issue, but there's no way to start play, it just takes me to the giphy site if I click in the...
  8. colin1497

    Forum Upgrades

    Dunno. Interestingly, that was in firefox, even after I deleted OP cookies.. Just logged in with Chrome with no problems.
  9. colin1497

    Forum Upgrades

    I can't log in if I click login. If I click on the athletic village it takes me to the login window and lets me log in.
  10. colin1497

    Why the wham block could help OSU succeed

    This is my only sock. They still won't put me in the zoo.