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  1. OSUFan

    City of Stillwater thread

    I hate to be in the minority but I was not impressed with DaVinci’s. Sauce tasted like it was out of a ketchup bottle. Olive Garden isn’t the greatest but it is better than DaVinci’s.
  2. OSUFan

    Communications tower

    It looks like an annoyance for a certain portion of the field but nothing major. Nice seats.
  3. OSUFan

    City of Stillwater thread

    Land is being cleared on 6th Street east of Pizza West. Anyone what is going in there?
  4. OSUFan

    City of Stillwater thread

    And now the AMC theater in Stillwater will be renovated.
  5. OSUFan

    DeLand Regional

    Stetson fans must be new to baseball. Booing every ball and whining when OSU throws to 1st.
  6. OSUFan

    Question about end of threads

    Good point but there isn’t anything at the bottom of the thread to take me back to the forum. I still have to page up to click on the page forum name. Oh, well. Thanks!
  7. OSUFan

    Question about end of threads

    When I get to the last post in a thread, how do I jump back to the Forum I am in to read another thread? Right now I am clicking on Forums and then clicking on the Forum I was in to get back to it.
  8. OSUFan

    Football 2016 OL Ryan McCollum

    Fantastic! Welcome to Cowboy Country!
  9. OSUFan

    2015 Fan Shirt Vote

    Oklahoma State or Cowboy Country instead of Cowboy State.
  10. OSUFan

    Age of Ultron

    To each it's own. Here is how I would rank the movies. Guardians of the Galaxy The Avengers Captain America: The Winter Soldier The Avengers 2 Iron Man Iron Man 2 Captain America Thor: The Dark World Thor Iron Man 3 The Hulk
  11. OSUFan

    Coaches vs Cancer Longest Day of Golf

    Thank you @BeatOU!
  12. OSUFan

    Coaches vs Cancer Longest Day of Golf
  13. OSUFan

    Coaches vs Cancer Longest Day of Golf

    Can I get my post stuck up at the top until April 1st just so everyone can see it? Thanks!
  14. OSUFan

    Coaches vs Cancer Longest Day of Golf

    The inaugural year of the Longest Day of Golf is dedicated to the memory of Matt Allen, an OSU graduate who died in 2013 at the age of 46 from brain cancer. Allen’s remarkable fight against the disease and his commitment to raise funds for OSU’s Coaches vs. Cancer program in his final years is...
  15. OSUFan

    Who are your top 5 favorite OSU Basketball Players of All Time?

    Big Country Rutherford Mason IMAC Byron Houston
  16. OSUFan

    Stressed about FB next year...

    So OSU rides the momentum of an OSU CWS championship right into the football season. It should be a fun year!
  17. OSUFan

    DT Darrion Daniels signs Letter of Intent

    Impressive list of offers! Welcome to Cowboy Country Darrion!
  18. OSUFan

    Tyreek Hill appears in court

    Huh? I don't see where it says he entered a plea.
  19. OSUFan

    Tomorrow's DOK Sports Headline......

    I would prefer "VINDICATED!"
  20. OSUFan

    Big 12 preseason basketball Coaches Poll

    That's really bad and sad. Predicted 8th in the pre-season poll. Wow.