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  1. incattleguy

    KSU kickoff set, 7:00 pm

    We will be tailgating our butts off in Manhattan, KS. Loyal and True style! Regardless of the outcome I'm proud to wear the Orange and Black.
  2. incattleguy

    Trick-or-treat at Homecoming tailgates

    We will have jello to give them. It comes in little single serving containers. Kids always seem to like them
  3. incattleguy

    Anyone heard about this? New Humanities Building

    Alumni who gripe about students calling them and either yell, speak rudely or hang up on them lose the right to gripe about students not showing up or leaving games early.
  4. incattleguy

    Bullet thoughts

    Maybe Bullet can come in for Grogan........I know horses can kick.
  5. incattleguy

    OSU Sending tickets back....

    I still have a sour taste in my mouth from when I was there in January. Tell why I should go to this one???
  6. incattleguy

    Travis Ford

    If we are stuck with Ford (and I think we are) does he have the intelligence to recognize his weaknesses and replace his staff to fill the voids? He has been too loyal to a coaching staff that has delivered a goose egg. He needs someone to develop players and coach X's and O's with discipline...
  7. incattleguy

    Campus is closed tomorrow. What's the status of the game?

    Anybody know the rules?
  8. incattleguy

    The importance of a loud GIA

    The most important group is the students. How many have all access passes? How many live in Stillwater? Like it or not but they get the place rolling. What would happen if over 80% of them showed up?
  9. incattleguy

    The importance of a loud GIA

    If we had last nights crowd all year how many home losses would become wins? I'm curious to hear what others think. Also, my opinion on court storming. I hope they do it again Monday night. If it motivates our students and players who cares what others think. As an alumni I think it's cool to...
  10. incattleguy

    What will we allow on Saturday night??

    It's been a while since I've seen that type of excitement in GIA. Hats off to everyone who came and made the KU people not want to come back next year. The players played an outstanding game. I hope we have the crowd and play Monday. We have some very special Seniors that need to go out with a...
  11. incattleguy

    What will we allow on Saturday night??

    Will we allow a large percentage of butt ugly red and blue in OUR house? Will we let empty seats be seen in a critical game on national TV in OUR house? Will we let our players who have played their arses off the last four games see fewer people in OUR house compared to attendance at their road...
  12. incattleguy

    Men's BB: OSU @ Baylor, Mon. 2/17 @ 8 pm on ESPN

    Best team effort I've seen in a LONG time.
  13. incattleguy

    Interesting BB stat in our close Big XII losses

    Great CEO's recognize their biggest weaknesses and put great people around them to compensate for them. I tend to agree that we can't afford the Ford the question is does Ford recognize all his needs and will he surround himself with the traits any successful basketball program...
  14. incattleguy

    BEDLAM!!! Men's BB: OU @ OSU, Sat. 2/15 @ 1 pm on ESPN2

    Coaches are blamed first. Worst in the Big 12. But today, in this game, in my opinion, the most critical point was Williams giving Hield two wide open threes. Maybe it's best to blame both but it doesn't go 100% on the coaches........unless it guarantees they get fired then I'm ALL IN!
  15. incattleguy

    BEDLAM!!! Men's BB: OU @ OSU, Sat. 2/15 @ 1 pm on ESPN2

    Maybe I should have said it better. I hate Ford and blame him first. But Williams poor defense let them put up 6 points at a very crucial time. Williams has gone from being one of the best to one of the worst defenders on the team. While you can blame coaching I will also say his defense has...
  16. incattleguy

    BEDLAM!!! Men's BB: OU @ OSU, Sat. 2/15 @ 1 pm on ESPN2

    Besides blaming Ford, Williams giving up 2 threes to Hield with poor defense was the dagger. His defense is nowhere to be found.
  17. incattleguy

    Odds Smart will back in Stillwater Next Year?

    Let's see after spending the summer around coaches like Izzo and Donovan, coming into the Fall ready the play the game and let Ford and this staff send him backwards........he's regretting it right now.
  18. incattleguy

    Question about basketball vs football coaches

    In football we talk so much about the importance of our coaching staff. We spend quite a bit of time not only talking about our coordinators but also spend significant time talking about position coaches. In football it seems as if everyone understands the importance of having a highly talented...
  19. incattleguy

    Ford post game comments on radio

    First of all, he didn't come on the program for at least 10-15 later than normal. Said he still doesn't know what happened. Didn't offer an apology for unacceptable behavior or anything. He had as big an audience as ever on the radio, his player just embarrassed his employer and he wouldn't...
  20. incattleguy

    Meltdown merged: coaches

    We have NO asst coaches that are qualified at player development and coaching. Go read their profiles......all it talks about is their recruiting "prowess". Well.......that's sucks too. I don't know how the coaches contract works but if I was Holder for a day I would tell Ford "You're not...