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    Fort Worth School District starts recruiting Oklahoma Teachers

    Borger TX millage is $13.4 / $1000 and Okmulgee's is $5.15 / $1000 But Borger's sales tax is (total) 8.25% and Okmulgee's is 9.75% And again, then there's the whole income tax thing.
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    Fort Worth School District starts recruiting Oklahoma Teachers

    Yup; lived in Valley Ranch for a while and wouldn't give a dime to live in the metroplex again. Cost of living, traffic, etc. No thanks.
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    Fort Worth School District starts recruiting Oklahoma Teachers

    Not that it's a huge deal, but Texas teachers and many other state's teachers have to pay into their own pension fund and they don't receive SS in retirement. OK pays 100% of Oklahoma's teacher pension and OK teachers will get SS on top of their pension when eligible. Additionally, Texas pays...
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    And seeing this relationship, anybody remember what was on Queen Mary's StepUp Oklahoma plan? Looks kind of similar to what the union magically offered to the legislators and why Queen Mary was as giddy as a school girl when she signed it. Wonder what the teachers...
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    Great article and analysis, but only wonder if the numbers are adjusted for cost of living. Either way, my wife needs to move to New Mexico!
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    These bills are exactly what's needed vs tax and spend, tax and spend. I would also like to see somebody step up and propose a bill that would make classroom teacher pay exempt from state income tax. Additionally, give classroom teachers a break on their car tag fees similar to that of active...
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike So while teacher pay in OK was flat and education budgets were being cut over the last decade, OEA leadership was pulling in salaries of $90K+ and $152K+ annually...
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    My wife teaches at a school outside of Tulsa and she has gotten her step every year and actually gets paid a percentage above the state minimum for her step.
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    Not to turn a corner on this thread, but I personally don't think a pay raise is the first "demand" an actual classroom teacher wants. The last walk out in 1990 ended when HB #1017 was passed. That bill limited K-6th classroom size to 20 students. If the number of students went over that, the...
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    Oklahoma teachers planning to strike

    Who says even is something, anything get's passed, the state and districts will even honor it? Remember OK SB #1017 (the reason and result of the 1990 walk-out). That created a state law that limited K through 6th class size to 20... my wife is a 1st grade teacher of 25+ years and has never had...
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    Oklahoma State to wrestle Iowa in Kinnick Stadium!

    Bingo on the heating thing!! Went to a Michigan vs Iowa football game in mid November a few years ago. It was a balmy 9F at kick off. Warmest temp we saw that weekend was 22F. Might need some long johns under those singlets.
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    Great video

    That's awesome, but could never happen in the US. OSHA would make the rope swingers wear harnesses, have safetly lines, wear hard hats, etc. and the health department wouldn't allow those birds to be in a facility that serves food. Those daggers would also need safety tips. ;)
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    Garth at the BOK

    You can sell them, but you have to enter the arena with the people you sell them to for ID reasons... do you want to sell any of them?? ;) Seriously, if you do, let me know. Tried getting tickets for 1 1/2 this morning and gave up.
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    man jumps fence makes it into White House before stopped

    Since he made it over the fence and past security, shouldn't he be allowed to stay/live at the white house?
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    Cowboy Golf

    Gooch had the honors, hit first. Wyatt then plunked it in the jar. Doesn't matter where Gooch was; on the green, in a bunker, etc, his 2nd shot was conceded and it went down as a 2.
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    Long Putters - cheating or no?

    Don't use a long putter and have never tried one. If it works for some weekend golfer to make his/her rounds more enjoyable; good for them, go for it. I do think they should be illegal for PGA events and maybe even official USGA tournaments. Personally don't see a problem with having more...
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    Infant swim - anyone have experience with this?

    Absolutely believe in swim lessons at an early age. Both my kids started at Miller Swim School when they were in diapers and both are now accomplished swimmers. And Miller does teach kids how to do what's shown in the video; stay calm, roll over and float for safety. Good stuff.
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    Used Lawn Mowers - Tulsa

    Cool; that's on my way home. Forgot about that place, but know exactly where it's at. Thanks!!
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    Used Lawn Mowers - Tulsa

    Anybody know where I can get rid of some used lawn mowers in the Tulsa area?? I've got 3 old push mowers that could be used for parts. Taking up space and need them gone. Thanks!!
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    Steven Malanga: How Retirement Benefits May Sink the State

    And it only gets better for my home state of which I hope to never return...