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  1. HolyGuacamole

    Looking for Golden Spur parking - South Alabama

    If you still need one, shoot me a PM. I may have a few other games available too depending on which ones you need. And I live in the Tulsa area so I could meet you somewhere. Just let me know.
  2. HolyGuacamole

    OSU Women in US Open

    The tournament is over. Here's the final standings for anybody who still cares:!scoring
  3. HolyGuacamole

    OSU basketball to play South Carolina -- Mike Boynton's alma mater -- in Big 12/SEC Challenge

    Kentucky would be awesome...but that's not happening until we get much better. I think the South Carolina matchup offers plenty of good story lines with it being Boynton's alma mater and Boynton being a former Frank Martin assistant. Also, I think it's funny a team that was in the Final Four...
  4. HolyGuacamole

    Cowboy Basketball Expectations, Going Forward

    Just to put things in perspective, in the roughly 50 years since Mr. Iba retired, we've won a regular season conference championship 2 times and been to 6 Sweet 16's. So to me, any argument of "must make a Final 4" or "win a conference championship" or "muliple Sweet 16's" are completely unfair...
  5. HolyGuacamole

    OSU to host Missouri State in 2022

    2023 We'll also close out the South Alabama series that year too with a home game. Still have 1 more opponent left before the 2023 schedule is complete.
  6. HolyGuacamole

    OSU to host Missouri State in 2022

    Exactly! There's nothing wrong with scheduling home games against winnable teams and shooting for at least 7 home games a year. That's what big time programs do. I know the SEC has a handful of decent nonconference games, but 80% are automatic wins against lower level schools. Here's a list of...
  7. HolyGuacamole

    OSU to host Missouri State in 2022

    And with that addition, the next 5 years of nonconference scheduling is done. Other than 2019, the other 4 years should all feature 7 home games. 2018 Missouri State South Alabama Boise State 2019 @Oregon State McNeese State @ Tulsa 2020 Oregon State Tulsa Western Illinois 2021 Rice Tulsa...
  8. HolyGuacamole

    Ogbah not a Lombardi Award semifinalists

    But he plays in the obviously he has to be better by default. ;)
  9. HolyGuacamole

    TCU game time set @230

    LSU/Alabama also play that day. That game has been scheduled for a 7:00 PM kickoff. As far as getting nation-wide exposure, 2:30 should be the best time for long as we win of course...
  10. HolyGuacamole

    Oklahoma State and Oregon State agree to home and home

    2015 is actually the first year since 2006 that we don't have a nonconference game against a Power 5 opponent. And with the addition of this series, we now have at least one Power 5 opponent (or Boise St.) on the schedule every year through 2021. So this season is the only season in a 15 year...
  11. HolyGuacamole

    Fantasy Baseball

    We're doing another fantasy baseball league on Yahoo this season. The live draft is set for Monday, March 30 at 9:30. This is about the 10th year we've done the league and there are a handful of regulars on this board that play every season. But if you've never played, we always welcome...
  12. HolyGuacamole

    2015 Football Schedule

    Correct. The 2017 game with Tulsa is the final game in the previous contract. Then, beginning in 2019, there's another 2 for 1 series with Tulsa that begins. So, as it's scheduled right now, we'll play Tulsa 4 out of 5 years beginning in 2017 with no game in 2018, a game @ Tulsa in 2019, and 2...
  13. HolyGuacamole

    2015 Football Schedule

    This should be the last year for a while with a bad non-conference schedule. Starting in 2016, we'll play Pitt in back to back years and follow that up with Boise State in 2018. Also, starting in 2017, Tulsa is on the schedule 4 out of 5 years. I know there's always a lot of debate over that...
  14. HolyGuacamole

    Three year anniversary of women's basketball plane crash

    As an OSU family, we promise to never forget. Please take a moment to remember the Budke, Serna, and Branstetter families today.
  15. HolyGuacamole


    Since Gundy has been at OSU, OSU has been a double digit underdog 9 times. Our record (straight up) in those 9 games is 2-7 with the wins coming against Texas Tech in '05 and Missouri in '08. 2005 Texas A&M (20 points) Iowa State (14 points) Texas (37.5 points) Texas Tech (23 points) Oklahoma...
  16. HolyGuacamole

    OSU to play in MGM Grand Main Event

    The bracket for the MGM Grand Main Event was revealed today. We'll be playing Oregon State on November 24 and then play the winner Auburn/Tulsa on November 26. Not the best field in the world, but better than some tournaments we've played in the past...and I'd imagine we'll be the favorite to...
  17. HolyGuacamole

    the outlook for osu 's three major sports.

    As far as an "outlook", I have no clue because I can't predict the future. But as for our most recent sports season, all 3 of OSU's major sports were ranked in the Top 10 during the season. OSU was one of only 12 schools in the country (by my count) to make a bowl game, the NCAA basketball...
  18. HolyGuacamole

    Fantasy Baseball

    Are you already signed up, or do you need me to email you an invite?
  19. HolyGuacamole

    Fantasy Baseball

    It's what you want to make of it. The draft is usually the most fun. Some people check it every day and other check in every week of so. As long as you log in a couple of times a month and make sure you don't have anybody injured in your starting lineup, you should at least be competitive...
  20. HolyGuacamole

    Fantasy Baseball

    @austinpoke Are you going to play this year?