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  1. SKC

    Bill Teegins nostalgia

    Lots of names that I hadn't heard for quite a while in that clip.
  2. SKC

    Hovland into semis

    Any idea why Wolff didn't play?
  3. SKC

    Oklahoma State announces beer sales at Boone Pickens Stadium this fall, along with no re-entry policy

    It doesn't affect me either way, but are you saying that tailgating before and after the game isn't enough? That folks that can't tailgate/drink before, during, AND after the game may choose to stay home?
  4. SKC

    Final Episode of Driven

    I'm amazed that the Golf Channel's web page doesn't have these episodes available to watch. They only have the preview clips.
  5. SKC

    Since the OAMC Class of 1927...

    This isn't a knock on Holder, but Holder is AD because of Boone. MH has done a great deal of fund raising for the University, and that is undisputed. But, Boone wanted Holder to be AD and that was a stipulation prior to his big gift. So, I'm hesitant to tag that all to Mike's hard work. He...
  6. SKC

    NCAA Men's Golf Championships at Karsten Creek

    Of course, the match play format has only been around since 2009, so it's not THAT long. :)
  7. SKC

    ****Post a Picture of the Last Items You Bought****

    Yeah, those things are brutal. Kudos for finishing it in a day.
  8. SKC

    New Jumbotron in BPS

    Eh, you're right. It was lights. It's been awhile. :)
  9. SKC

    New Jumbotron in BPS

    You remember the when the baseball hit the scoreboard in The Natural? :)
  10. SKC

    The Infamous Cell Phone Spam Calls Thread

    My issues are my “car warranty” has evidently expired. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. SKC

    Cowgirl Tennis

    Actually, I've chatted with Coach Young several times about the camps in general. He's a super nice guy that has been very helpful. He had verbally told me the dates for the summer camp when we were up there over the winter break. My main issue wasn't that I didn't have the info, just that...
  12. SKC

    Road Rage Department

    Very nice. ;)
  13. SKC

    Road Rage Department

    What part of Dallas and what part of OKC? Just trying to decide how impressed I should be. :)
  14. SKC

    Sepp Blatter spills the beans. 2022 World Cup was supposed to be in US..not Qatar

    They should just put big cowboy hats on the stadiums.
  15. SKC

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 10

    Baylor @ Kansas State Texas Tech @ West Virginia TCU @ Oklahoma State Iowa State @ Oklahoma Kansas @ Texas
  16. SKC

    Star Wars: The Binks Awakens
  17. SKC

    Homecoming Osprey Flyover

    Yeah, the Osprey hasn't had the best reliability in the military.
  18. SKC

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 9

    West Virginia @ TCU Oklahoma @ Kansas Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech Texas @ Iowa State
  19. SKC

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 8

    Iowa State @ Baylor Kansas State @ Texas Texas Tech @ Oklahoma Kansas @ Oklahoma State
  20. SKC

    Big 12 Pick'Em - Week 7

    West Virginia @ Baylor Texas Tech @ Kansas Oklahoma @ Kansas State TCU @ Iowa State