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    Summer Baseball

    3. Don’t have any idea who it will be but Provost was playing some LF for his summer league team.
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    Summer Baseball

    Here are some more players for your list. Northwoods League Cabiness - Kenosha Kingfish McCusker - Kenosha Kingfish Boone - Madison Mallards Hewitt - Madison Mallards West Coast League Leeper - Bellingham Bells Two jucos that were on the recruiting list in the recruiting forum are...
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    Baseball Recruiting

    One guy to add to the juco list Alix Garcia - Central Arizona INF 366 BA 6 HR 66 RBI Looks like he mostly played 1b He was Kroon’s teammate last year.
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    Jeff Salazar's catch

    That is a great catch and it might not be the best of his career. He made a diving, multiple run saving grab agasint Nebraska at Allie P. that still rates as the best play I have ever seen in college ball. He was running toward the left center gap closing in on the track when he had a full...
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    2006 Big XII Pick'Em - Week 2

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    2006 Big XII Pick'Em - Week 1

    isu ut cu nu mu osu uo a@m ku tt ksu tcu
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    OSU Vs. Texas Tech - Game 3

    Unfortunately, Max Scherzer could stop anyone so I hope we don't face him. The Tigers should throw him agaisnt uo. Still, If we keep pitching and fielding the way we have been we can beat anyone.
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    OSU Vs. OU - Bedlam Game 3

    I think FA goes with Benoit or maybe someone who has not been a starter so far because Fritsche pitched well at MU but since then has been inconsitant. The reason I like Benoit is because the type of pitcher he is. He is kinda like Wright in that he gives up a lot of fly balls which is bad...
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    Baseball: Pokes vs Wildcats Updates GM 1

    40 games is not a requirement to make the NCAA tourney anymore. The real issue is where we finish in the big 12. If we finish 4th we will get in even if we only have 37/38 wins. Also they can add up to 2 games to the schedule to get to the maximum of 56.
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    Annual Matt_bob & JAY45 Preseason Baseball Extravaganza!!

    Justin Colbert is back. My guess is that to start with, Ford will be the ss with Colbert at 2b.
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    Annual Matt_bob & JAY45 Preseason Baseball Extravaganza!!

    To answer the guys question earlier, Ridling will start somewhere, likely 1b. This team has the potential to have a potent offense.
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    How did we miss out on this kid?

    Hartsock is an outstanding player and will do well at BYU. Having said that he is not on the level of the players we are recruiting.
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    Big XII Pick'Em - Bowl Games

    usc tt tcu sc ok mu clem uh
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    Pick 'em... week 13

    ut cu isu uo
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    Big XII Pick'Em - Week 12

    osu mu tt
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    Big XII Pick'Em - Week 11

    MU NU TT CU uo UT
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    Big XII Pick'Em - Week 10

    nu ut isu cu tt
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    Big XII Pick'Em - Week 9

    tt mu ut cu a@m nu
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    Big XII Pick'Em - Week 8

    MU A@M ISU UT CU uo