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  1. 88KeysPoke

    The College Football Empires Map Week 3

    He also keeps track of the end of last season's map to see if someone eventually conquers the whole country. By beating Boise, we made it back on the map.
  2. 88KeysPoke

    City of Stillwater thread

    I get your sentiment, but just to clarify, the city isn't building the "sidewalks to nowhere." Developers are required to build sidewalks up to city code in front of their property if one doesn't already exist, so sidewalks are popping up as properties are developed. That's why you see a lot of...
  3. 88KeysPoke

    City of Stillwater thread

    It hasn't been the official start of town for decades. The "come back soon" sign is especially out of place at that location. Considering Stillwater's current size and expansion, the location doesn't make any sense. I also agree the do look cheap and pretty pathetic. They tried to do some...
  4. 88KeysPoke

    City of Stillwater thread

    Yeah I never understood why those signs are located at 6th and Western when you're already 2 miles into town at that point.
  5. 88KeysPoke

    City of Stillwater thread

    O'Reilly's You can keep track of the major development projects happening in the city on this page. They keep it more or less updated.
  6. 88KeysPoke

    Snipping a clip from a movie

    I don't think that there's a way to clip a movie from Netflix, because you would have to download the movie first. Netflix just streams it. Here is what I would do to accomplish what you want. First, I would purchase the movie on iTunes. There's also a free website called Movies Anywhere that...
  7. 88KeysPoke

    New Helmets?

    I don't think the AD is primarily concerned with Pete facing forward on the helmet. Whenever you see the Pete logo, he is always facing left. That's the way he is printed on both sides of the helmet. I assume they're more concerned about brand consistency than they are about Pete facing...
  8. 88KeysPoke

    Wifi extenders

    I don't know details about any particular range extender, but I'm pretty sure that any wireless solution to extend Wi-Fi range will result in a speed drop of 1/2. If you want full speed, you'll need to run a cable.
  9. 88KeysPoke

    Tyreek Hill in Pictures

    Edit: Here's a revised version.
  10. 88KeysPoke

    First US case of Ebola diagnosed

    Here in OKC.
  11. 88KeysPoke

    Woman beheaded in Moore

    You all need to research the Islamic doctrine of abrogation. There are lots of peaceful verses in the Quran, and there are lots of violent verses. You aren't going to get anywhere posting competing verses. What you need to do is research when the various Suras were written and how abrogation...
  12. 88KeysPoke

    Temps next week--Again

    So far this summer, we've had more days with highs in the 60's than days with highs in the 100's.
  13. 88KeysPoke

    Silly Picture Thread

    I had to look it up. "31" in octal (base 8 math) is 25. Pretty obscure, and the October-December thing doesn't really make sense. edit: I get it "Oct" as in octal "Dec" as in decimal.
  14. 88KeysPoke

    Silly Picture Thread

    Here's what's really happening on the east coast.
  15. 88KeysPoke

    Creationism v. Evolution

    I'll be watching it. Forget the Super Bowl. I'm having a debate party at my house. :) Creationists don't view the debate as faith vs. science. A lot reject the validity of the "science" behind evolutionary theory. I hope Ken Ham clearly brings out the inherent assumptions evolution is based...
  16. 88KeysPoke

    Great Article on Modern Worship

    This is exactly correct. Worship is about declaring the worth-ship of God - not making you feel happy. In the Bible, people always bowed down on their face when they worship because they realized how insignificant they were compared to God. Now we fret and try to cater to the ever-changing whims...
  17. 88KeysPoke

    Great Article on Modern Worship

    Straight out of James 2 - "My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; And ye have respect to him that...
  18. 88KeysPoke

    Stone-tipped spears predate existence of humans by 85,000 years

    Are you kidding? Secular evolutionists are just as married to their worldview as any Christian. They gloss over inconsistencies and ignore unvalidated assumptions. They will jump on any new theory because they can't prove their current theories - but only as long as the new theory conforms to...
  19. 88KeysPoke

    Stone-tipped spears predate existence of humans by 85,000 years

    If you smooth out the earth's surface, water would cover the planet close to 2 miles deep. The Flood dramatically changed earth's topography. I'm not sure what's so difficult to believe about a flood making the grand canyon. There have been plenty of other canyons made in short periods of time...
  20. 88KeysPoke

    Stone-tipped spears predate existence of humans by 85,000 years

    I am an engineer and by no means a geneticist. I didn't watch the whole video, but I did see an apparent contradiction early on. In describing human chromosome #2 and how it could have mutated by combining 2 chimp chromosomes, the narrator described chromosomes as having centromeres and...