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  1. J

    Football 2016 General Recruiting Discussion

    What's left for the 2016 class? By my count we're running low on available scholarships and still have needs at WR and DL. Is Bundage still an option?
  2. J

    Football 2016 WR Adewale Omotosho

    Casper who are our top 4 WR targets right now?
  3. J

    Football New Commit

    Exactly what I thought from his SR highlights
  4. J

    Recruiting Update

    The Hines story:
  5. J

    Recruiting Update

    Oh, and what's the latest on Brandon Sheperd?
  6. J

    Recruiting Update

    Are the rumors true Tim Hines(OL commit) has reopened his recruitment? Are the rest of the current commits solid? Are the rumors true that Jordan Richmond(aTm commit) is interested in OSU and planning an official vist?
  7. J

    Dalton Santos

    What about Kendall Sanders? I seen an article on scout but I don't have a subscription. I guess he visited Texas again this weekend
  8. J

    JR Day This Weekend

    Anybody know who's attending?
  9. J

    Sylvester Williams

    The scout article said he will sign Wed.
  10. J

    Sylvester Williams

    RA wrote a piece saying that he was deciding between 5 schools earlier today. Now some guy with scout says it's only between 2 schools? Anyone think RA is right and scout is wrong?
  11. J

    Any recruits we could sway away from Texas now that Muschamp is gone?

    And rivals says Edmond is going to visit 2 schools.
  12. J

    Any recruits we could sway away from Texas now that Muschamp is gone?

    Rumor has it that Russell has reopened his recruitment and is looking at Baylor. Scout says we've offered him. If I remember right Edmond attended one of OSU's Junior Days
  13. J

    How many schollies

    Per Rivals we're in Jackson's top 5
  14. J

    Sims & TCU

    Then lets talk about rivals saying John Jenkins has opened his recruitment up since georgia offered
  15. J

    H. Sims???

    Rivals is reporting that he's waivering agian. This time to TCU.