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    Weathers- osu PG

    Interesting moment here for Boynton, lots of options. 1. Herschel Sims route, just boot him and move on?? Would send a strong message and let our freshmen get more PT for the future. Means this season would probably be a wash, but with the class coming in next year, not that big of a...
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    How Will Knowles Handle Tech?

    Agreed. Is Tech's QB mobile?? Seems that was really the factor in our defense being able to get after Rypien, they just didn't have to worry about that aspect. If Tech's QB can run around, it might slow our front 6 down some.
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    CFN Cowboys vs Taco Tech prediction

    The score predictions all look too high to me. I think it will be a carbon copy of their Ole Miss game. Our defense is legit, and our offense is probably better than Ole Miss, so what was that score, 38-17? I'll say 42-20.
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    The pathetic last ditch attempt to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation

    Agreed, it shouldn't be this hard. On a brighter note, Gary Johnson is running for the Senate in NM as a libertarian. I think it would be fantastic if he won and was possibly the swing vote in the senate as a 3rd party candidate. Might be a big step in the right direction to breaking this...
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    Kansas game 11AM CST Kickoff

    I think I'll just drive down from Omaha and attend this one.
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    Dan Bailey cut by Dallas?

    How about Dez?? Surely someone will pick him up??
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    Knowles knows...

    I was thinking the same thing on those delayed blitzes. I remember the last several years when we'd try that thinking to myself, I wish they'd just drop into coverage it took them so long to get there. These safeties really seem to have that timing down.
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    Willie Nelson announces fund raiser for Beto O'rourke

    He does give me the creeps. Can't quite put my finger on it, never considered he might be an extra terrestrial, but i definitely get the creep vibe.
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    Just Moved to Nebraska

    Well, I just moved here too, but I"m in Omaha. I hear Clancy's PUb is the place to watch, but haven't confirmed that yet.
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    Predict the Score: OSU vs Boise St

    I think we probably lose this one because of when it's played. I"m guessing around 38-31. I'd flip that if we were playing in a bowl game, but both our teams win with execution, and BSU is really clicking right now with their experienced QB and 10 returning starters on D. I just don't think...
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    Nike vs In-n-Out: The Silent Majority Have Spoken

    I hate the idea of these economic boycotts every time a person or company makes a social statement of any kind. I think it just creates a drag on free speech across the board, whatever the political leanings of the statement.
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    We have to be patient...

    This is clearly the strategy.
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    Orange on in La Jolla, CA

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    What are you looking for in the game Thursday night?

    I'll be watching Shane Richards. I was really surprised to see he took the RG job from Larry Williams. I know he was a project coming in, but if we got a successful project at 6'8" 335 that beat out a 6th year senior, our line could really be something.
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    If You Want To Know Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Media, Watch CNN

    I don't know why they'd have distrust, all CNN ever airs is commercials. Commercials Never-ending Network.
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    The GOP’s Social Security Raid

    I must say, this is one of the most reasonable and honest discussions I've ever seen on a politics board. Well done gents, maybe there is still a chance for civility.
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    Bi-partisan amendment to revoke POTUS ability to revoke Security Clearances will be put forward

    Funny how this was never an issue until this administration.
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    W/L Prediction Thread

    Really surprised so many are picking TCU as a loss with WVU and KSU as wins. TCU is breaking in a new QB as well, and their stadium isn't exactly a huge road game. Sure, they always field a solid team, but I think KSU, WVU and Boise, and even Texas are more scary than the frogs. MSU - W S...
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    MBB Euro Trip

    I didn't realize he was that highly rated.
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    MBB Euro Trip

    Looks like Likekele is going to be a pleasant surprise.