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  1. PJ-OSU

    Big 12 week one games

    Texas is back, baby!
  2. PJ-OSU

    Men's Basketball 2019 C Armando Bacot

    Picked UNC. Bummer.
  3. PJ-OSU

    Gundy griping thread

    Topic aside, whats with all the excessive periods in every one of your posts? It............ Just seems odd
  4. PJ-OSU

    OSU alums in NFL This probably means more touches/exposure and opportunity for Carson. I'm sure he would prefer to win the job on merit alone, but outside of the bummer for Penny, this is great for Chris.
  5. PJ-OSU

    Athletics Construction Progress

    But didn't they invent the video board? You would think they would be used to it by now...
  6. PJ-OSU

    Adarius Bowman Update

  7. PJ-OSU

    QB Situation

  8. PJ-OSU

    Lincoln Riley " We have to recruit better"

    Nah, he has complete sentences and some sort of coherent thoughts organized in a readable manner. Angry thoughts, but coherent nonetheless. Rutherford is a whole different animal.
  9. PJ-OSU

    QB Situation

    Wait, what?!?! Where did you hear that??
  10. PJ-OSU

    What’s the ceiling for Justice Hill?

    Get out of here with your fancy "logic" and "good and well researched points"! There's no place for that on a message board.
  11. PJ-OSU

    What’s the ceiling for Justice Hill?

    This is right on IMO. I'll go further and say I thought that we should have utilized King more last year. Not to discredit Hill, but give him the occasional breather. He (King) seemed to be fantastic when he was in games, but maybe the coaches saw things in practice/film rooms that we didn't...
  12. PJ-OSU

    Good write up on James Washington

    Going to miss his play and demeanor in orange but look forward to the same in black and gold!
  13. PJ-OSU

    Basketball Freshmen

    and all TALL!
  14. PJ-OSU

    2018 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Except you quite literally did say exactly that. As he pointed out...
  15. PJ-OSU

    Marcus Smart article

    And as usual, you are wrong and did no research before you spewed diarrhea on this post. Smart is a historically bad shooter and has been considered so well before the playoffs. Here is an article from November saying the same things...
  16. PJ-OSU

    Big Ben's big mouth is actually a big opportunity for Mason Rudolph

    I am a Steelers fan and you guys make great points about his injuries. I'll add on and say this isn't the first year (in a row) that he has either mentioned retirement or been vague when asked about it. So what the hell does the expect the team to do?
  17. PJ-OSU

    Football 2019 S Dax Hill

    Also, I'm pretty sure they went to Italy last year and the whole team is in France RIGHT NOW. That has to be some B.S. shenanigans that certainly should not be allowed considering all the "rules" in place against paying players and such. Educational trips, lolololol
  18. PJ-OSU

    Cowboys at the Wrestling US Open

    Thanks for all the updates, yo! Glad to see our Cowboys dominating!
  19. PJ-OSU

    New Cowboy Baseball Stadium discussion thread: Likes, Dislikes, Ideas, Traditions, etc.

    I'm sure there will still be plenty of room :lol:
  20. PJ-OSU

    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Don't assume. Look it up.