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  1. OrangeCFP


    I buy Monkey Shoulder by the case (online)! It's tough to find in Edmond, as most stores only get 2-3 bottles and it sells quick. For the price, it is tough to beat. And its one that everyone likes, so it's great to have around the house for scotch and cigars with friends. I asked Oak Tree to...
  2. OrangeCFP

    Link to Basketball game

    Likekele looked like the second best player in orange, behind McGriff.
  3. OrangeCFP

    Link to Basketball game

    For those that want to watch, the game is just about to start!
  4. OrangeCFP

    Open BBall Practice Updates??

    It was fun to watch. Lots of energy and he is working on getting them in shape. Kentrevious Jones is going to be a STUD I believe. There was a play when they scrimmaged where Likekele quickly got down the court, drove into the lane and dished off to a running Jones for a dunk. That is what we...
  5. OrangeCFP

    Athletics Construction Progress

    Yeah, and that was just the price for the LOT!
  6. OrangeCFP

    Season Ticket Holder Again!

    I almost always lose my voice for the day.
  7. OrangeCFP

    Season Ticket Holder Again!

    It's been too long. I am excited as hell to be a basketball season ticket holder again! No coaching little league soccer/bball anymore and we have a coach and players I REALLY want to support. Can't wait!
  8. OrangeCFP

    ****Post a Picture of the Last Items You Bought****

    My first shotgun - Benelli Super Black Eagle II.
  9. OrangeCFP

    Texas Look-A-Like Thread

    Timothy Cole or Leroy Combs
  10. OrangeCFP

    Texas Look-A-Like Thread

    Jon Burt or Kid n Play
  11. OrangeCFP

    New to Duck Hunting

    I was also told to check out the Winchester SX3
  12. OrangeCFP

    New to Duck Hunting

    I was recently invited to go with a group of guys to go duck/goose hunting this season. I am new to hunting and wanted some advice on the guns I am looking at, and what else you recommend for me - besides shooting practice. Looking at: Stoeger M3500 Beretta A300 Benelli Montefeltro maybe even...
  13. OrangeCFP

    For men only: what do you shave with? These are the razors sent by that "Dollar Shave Club" site, and they work great! Much much cheaper than brand names at the stores. I probably spend $20 year.
  14. OrangeCFP

    Back doctor recs. - OKC

    I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Hahn (partner of Remondino above). I have had back problems for about 12-13 years, and when in my late 20's, Dr. Hahn found that I had a slipped disk and said he was going to see that I did everything possible not to have surgery. Alternative methods...
  15. OrangeCFP

    Boat Flag

    Does anyone know where I can get a black Phantom Pete boat flag? I have looked everywhere and can't find one. The only one I can find is an orange pistol pete.
  16. OrangeCFP

    ****Post a Picture of the Last Items You Bought****

    Oh yeah, and I have already changed all the interior lighting to ORANGE!
  17. OrangeCFP

    ****Post a Picture of the Last Items You Bought****

    Just bought this And now selling this:
  18. OrangeCFP

    New Big Man!

    This should help!
  19. OrangeCFP

    Del Rio changing his mind again...
  20. OrangeCFP

    Travis Ford thread Updated 3/31 6:30 pm

    I am watching this NCAA finals game, and these coaches don't seem to think running a weave for 30 seconds then jacking up a contested 3 is the best way to play the game. Maybe our coaches should consider that. ;)