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  1. Pokit N

    Sad news in Big 12 Athletics

    I read about this earlier...Terrible Story...
  2. Pokit N

    Possible Big Screen Distractors

    It's not that complex guys...
  3. Pokit N

    10+ wins in 2015/2016/2017

    I did not catch the sarcasm...for that...I apologize!
  4. Pokit N

    10+ wins in 2015/2016/2017

    Sigh, I'm sorry but it was NOT a win.
  5. Pokit N

    Will BPS have extra staff for the Texas Tech game??

    Man, are Tech Fans or Baylor fans the worst?
  6. Pokit N

    Dan Bailey has turned down four offers and counting as he waits for the "right team"

    Minnesota would be a great spot for him...Playoff Contender in a Dome...
  7. Pokit N

    Are you white and have flashed someone the OK hand sign? You are a racist!

    The whole point of this was to prove that you could troll SJW's into believing even the most innocuous thing was racist and it's worked fabulously...
  8. Pokit N

    Bailey's replacement...

    I was just about to post this. Tuuurrrriiible..
  9. Pokit N

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 3 (Smurf Turf Edition)

    Most of what I want to say has been already said...Just a couple of things to add. Special Teams, two of the kickoff's that weren't touchbacks (or out of bounds) our coverage guys tackled their return guy before he got to the 25. That's great. Then Amendola absolutely drilling a 48...
  10. Pokit N

    A Republican theme on abortions: 'It's OK for me, evil for thee'

    Republicans recently had the chance to defund planned parenthood, they didn't. Most of them just pay lip service to folks like me. Despite all the scary verbiage used by folks, (there are over 900K abortions every year, about 15% of all pregnancies end in abortion, and each one cost less than...
  11. Pokit N

    How Can I Cure My White Guilt?

    This article is apropos: A Closer Look at Anti-White Retoric From the Article: Yet, there’s reason to look deeper. In an article in The Atlantic, Reihan Salam offered an alternative perspective to that of Beauchamp and Klein. Titled “The Utility of White-Bashing,” Salam aimed to “look beyond...
  12. Pokit N

    How Can I Cure My White Guilt?

    I prefer snow monkey
  13. Pokit N

    Info Wars gets the Ban Hammer

    What if Alex Jones wanted a wedding cake? Shouldn't someone for the love of Pete be forced to bake him a wedding cake?
  14. Pokit N

    Tweet of the Day

    Check out @CalebJHull’s Tweet: Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. Pokit N

    Chicago’s Violence and Its Leadership Deficit

    I remember reading a while back that the city of Chicago has a matrix of some kind that can predict the likely hood of some of the folks in these neighborhoods getting shot. Basically if you lived on a certain block, if you were within a certain degrees of separation from other folks who had...
  16. Pokit N

    Report Mueller has information Trump and Adult member of his family were paid $3.6 Billion by UAE and Saudi's to end Iran Nuke Deal

    Wow, I would have ended that crappy deal for free...Trump managed to get $3.6B for doing it? There is a reason he wrote the book The Art of the Deal!
  17. Pokit N

    Progressives are Tyrannical

    The issue of course is that the progressive opinion on who is Racist/Homophobic or misogynistic differs from mine...These buzzwords have been deliberately used to silence any kind of dissent from the progressive mob, like calling someone a witch in Salem. The progressives are the neopuritans...
  18. Pokit N

    'We Have to Regulate Every Aspect of People's Lives'

    Nobody wants more control over your life than progressives.
  19. Pokit N

    Why Racism Begets More Racism

    That's probably the best thing I've ever read by Jonah. Which is saying something because I think he's a pretty sharp guy.