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  1. J

    Baylor game time?

    Monday, unless they opt for 6 day window.
  2. J

    RV Spot for KState Game?

    We are looking for an RV spot close to campus for the KState game....preferrably on the south side of campus. We are familiar with the RV spots on north side, but didn't know if anyone knew of one on the south side. Thanks.
  3. J

    Stillwater Silver Alert

    My husband's grandmother is missing from Stillwater and a silver alert has been issued. She comes from a huge OSU family....if anyone has seen her please let us know! Thanks...
  4. J

    Stevie Clark arrested for marijuana possession

    So how deep does that leave us?
  5. J

    Best BBQ Joint in Dallas?

    I think it is better than Rudy's. They have good sides as well. You walk down the line, like all the others. But, there is a bar once you get inside. It is worth the drive if you are in Dallas.
  6. J

    Best BBQ Joint in Dallas?

    Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell. It is great, you won't be disappointed. My husband entertains a lot of out of town clients and they always want to go here. Best we have found in the area.
  7. J

    Road Conditions thread

    NBC news in Dallas was just talking about I35 and all the fans driving up for Bedlam....guess they should have prepared better.
  8. J

    Just checked into hotel in Amarillo from the game

    We just got back from Lubbock. Went with our Tech friends. We were pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't say they were overly friendly, but no one was rude to us.
  9. J

    OSU v. WVU Post-game thoughts

    It also sucks that no other ranked teams have lost today that I can see.. I come on here a lot ( but rarely post obviously).
  10. J

    Need 2 tickets for Homecoming/4 for WVU

    Looking for 2 tickets for this weekend. 4 tickets for WVU. Thanks.
  11. J

    Remembering 1997

    I was at that game...but, man has the crowd come on these past few years. Lots of empty seats!
  12. J

    Games that set new records make me nervous....

    Isn't it also true that Mac has never lost in Stillwater?
  13. J

    Lunt Injury

    But was it Hideaway and what kind?
  14. J

    Rv parking

    Does anyone have any ideas on Rv parking for non posse members? Thanks!
  15. J

    1 Fiesta Bowl Ticket

    Ticket still for sale.... Thanks!
  16. J

    1 Fiesta Bowl Ticket

    Ticket still for sale! Make me an offer....
  17. J

    1 Fiesta Bowl Ticket

    We have an extra ticket in Section 451 Row 10, purchased through OSU ticket office. Message me if interested.
  18. J

    Bowl Game Tickets?

    If what others are saying and OSU giving everyone their allotment, we will have 4 extras...if anyone is wanting them PM me....
  19. J

    Barry Trammel is going to be on XM 91 college sports in a few.

    Not sure what he is going to say!
  20. J

    OSU fans - Here's what YOU need to do Harris poll voters