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  1. Rixaroo

    Tweet of the Day

    Definitely one of the most original bands in the last 20-25 years. Even in his 40s, Isaac Brock can still bring the energy.
  2. Rixaroo

    Are you white and have flashed someone the OK hand sign? You are a racist!

    No. Honestly, that was an assumption. I assume he knew the joke from the internet and it seems like he did from the delivery of the sign in the video.
  3. Rixaroo

    Are you white and have flashed someone the OK hand sign? You are a racist!

    What happened to all the adults in this country? If someone pisses me off I either let it fly, don't pay attention to them, or I simply don't spend time with them anymore. I think it is so p*ssy to post any and all injustices on social media. This USCG guy was either being a troll or an asshole...
  4. Rixaroo

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

  5. Rixaroo

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Ha. The only real inaccuracy here is that malls barely exist in 2018.
  6. Rixaroo

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    I was simply pointing out that post didn't compass the whole quote. It was misleading.
  7. Rixaroo

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Looks like that quote is only a portion of a sentence attributed to her.
  8. Rixaroo

    Tweet of the Day

    That picture is from a Modest Mouse music video for the song "Coyotes".
  9. Rixaroo

    Official Survival Pool Week 1 2018

    Week 1: Georgia Tech
  10. Rixaroo

    Trump meets with evangelical leaders was secretly recorded

    Quotes from a lunatic televangelist? Nope! The President of the United States ladies and gentlemen. Reads as if he's ready to start a Civil War.
  11. Rixaroo

    Jacksonville Shooter Was Member of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ – Referred to Trump Supporters at “Trumptards” – Murdered 4 People

    There were 2 victims; not 4. When the title has a major flaw I don't trust the body.
  12. Rixaroo

    Mass shooting at Madden 19 live event

    You can see the laser on the black guy before the show are fired. Awful.
  13. Rixaroo

    John McCain passes away

    What a great American. Sadly, he leaves at a time when his example is most needed. RIP Mr. McCain.
  14. Rixaroo

    Nicki Minaj proves she is insane
  15. Rixaroo

    How Can I Cure My White Guilt?

    Well said.
  16. Rixaroo

    Chelsea Clinton Claims Aborting 60 Million Babies Since Roe “Added $3.5 Trillion to Our Economy”

    I agree. It's not reality that the people getting abortions accept personal responsibility. But I agree. Having two children of my own, I cannot fathom people wanting an abortion after hearing the heartbeat and seeing the ultrasound. The whole situation is really hard for me to think about...
  17. Rixaroo

    Report: Omarosa has several secretly recorded conversations with Trump during her time serving in the WH

    I was more or less stating the WH is a s--- show every day. But on topic, Trump hired her! He's responsible for bringing her in.
  18. Rixaroo

    Chargers' Russell Okung raises fist during national anthem

    No, you show me how you know he or any other protester has been coddled their whole life. Show me proof that you definitively know these men, their families, and their friends don't have any cause to want change for black communities... The black community has been asking and protesting for...
  19. Rixaroo

    Chargers' Russell Okung raises fist during national anthem

    We'll look at you. The most high and mighty Patriot of all time right here, folks!! The direct linage of Washington, Lincoln, Trump, and Rambo intersects with okst1. Every fallen soldier died for his right to piss on another man raising his fist because that, somehow, is the most disgusting...