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  1. William McEwan

    Forum Upgrades

    I'm having the same problem.
  2. William McEwan


    You're one to talk. ou is playing a team that has only won one game this year.
  3. William McEwan

    Wickline Thread: Updated Wick fired.

    Our shelf was bare in large part due to Wickline.
  4. William McEwan

    Best OSU bar in Tulsa

    Try Club Majestic
  5. William McEwan

    2015 Fall Practice Thread Here is a decent article about O'neal and what he went through in his pro years.
  6. William McEwan

    2015 Fall Practice Thread

    I have taken a helmet to the thigh. Trust me when I say, they offer a lot more protection then you think.
  7. William McEwan

    @ Central Michigan

    I hear there is a fantastic McDonalds pretty close to campus.
  8. William McEwan

    the best Juco player (s) in football

    The Punisher. Can't remember his real name, but he was a decent safety for us.
  9. William McEwan

    Stillwater Baseball Regional

    I think I'm just going to go straight to rock bottom and get hammered off of mouthwash tonight.
  10. William McEwan

    2015 Spring Practice Thread

    Yeah they decided to not play tomorrow. Postponed until Saturday.
  11. William McEwan

    Mason and Daxx Spring Breaking with ou quarterbacks

    3's in the sky. It's a salute to Dale Earnhardt.
  12. William McEwan

    growing up Justin Gilbert

    You based this all off of his jr. year? You know there were three other years right? How much "tape" did you watch on him to come to this conclusion? Also what are his deficiencies that led you to believe that he is 2nd to early 3rd round talent, as it sounds like you obviously did your homework?
  13. William McEwan

    Darrell Williams Update

    Actually I'm pretty sure the DA who headed this case has been canned.
  14. William McEwan

    Kurt Busch claims ex is trained assassin

    That would be terrifying to have a wife/girlfriend that is a trained killer. Me: I think we should break up. Her: I think you need to go to the kitchen and pour yourself a big glass of shut the hell up, then after that you're going to clean the entire house. Me: Yeah that's what I really...
  15. William McEwan

    Yurcich just took 2 steps up

    10 more years
  16. William McEwan

    OSU Football Players Involved in Off-Campus Fight

    Did they finish the fight or did they quit halfway through?
  17. William McEwan

    Pull Mason's RS, please !

    It is gone after the first play. The pertage of games pertains to the medical waiver.
  18. William McEwan

    Game Thread: OSU vs TCU

    Can we be done yet?
  19. William McEwan

    Anyone heard about this? New Humanities Building

    I worked at a ballistic body armor plant for about 6 years. They did alot of the testing on me. I was the control subject and did not get armor. that