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  1. BooneState

    Get on board.....

    I can see it now, in 10 years a 30 for 30 titled: 2015 the year no one thought okstate was any good but they won out and destroyed Bama. On the way back from the game, I got to thinking why can't we have an historic year? We have all the pieces ( most all the pieces ).
  2. BooneState

    Wide Receiver Drops

    At the beginning of the season I thought the catches were a huge step up from last year. Especially during the KSU game, I think they won that one for us (plus Spencer's halftime adjustments). It seems like only one receiver steps up during any given game. It's been Washington for the past two...
  3. BooneState

    8-0 TCU @ 8-0 OSU.... ESPN GameDay?

    Does this year seem more unpredictable than ever? I've personally enjoyed how comparing other teams just doesn't work this year. The unpredictability has been exciting. I'm not even going to try to make a prediction about this weekend. Anything could happen.
  4. BooneState

    8-0 TCU @ 8-0 OSU.... ESPN GameDay?

    Exactly! We played Texas when they still had some fight in them. The game before Heard an amazing showing, and Texas was fired up to get their season back on track. WVU was ranked earlier in the season, and they were determined to beat us and get passed their OU lose on their homecoming. TCU and...
  5. BooneState

    Baylor at KSU

    I think everyone is used to KSU being some what of threat, and so we think they can pull an upset off at home. I really thought they'd beat OU. I mean how could anyone not? They had just almost beat us and TCU. OU had just been exposed by Texas. However, this year they aren't the team they...
  6. BooneState

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    Agreed. Ogbah and Bean are gonna do some major damage on Mahome's. Pretty excited for this game, a little nervous for the pokes but not terrified like I was for WVU.
  7. BooneState

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    It annoys me that people are hanging on to tech's performance against TCU. Trying to compare teams this year is like trying to compare apples and oranges. KSU hung in with TCU and hell so did ISU( kinda). Anything can happen this year. Tech has not progressed since TCU and has lost a lot of the...
  8. BooneState

    Tortilla Tossers Prediction Thread

    38-24 Pokes I think we start slower than expected, but shut them down before half. If we get ahead by more than 2 touchdowns tech will give up.
  9. BooneState

    ESPN putting us on UPSET alert

    No doubt that'll happen. That's the atmosphere at tech. I think tech fans see this game as the last chance to have a some what of decent season (for them). If we get ahead of them early, I think they'll leave and give up on their season. If we get ahead early we will totally deflate this team...
  10. BooneState

    Why I'm NOT worried about TTU

    I actually sort of trust this team on the road now. We haven't played our best on the road, but they show mental toughness on the road. I don't think things get "weird" at tech. It's nothing like going into Morgantown or Memorial Stadium. I see going to Tech a lot like going to K-State. The...