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  1. jac1599

    Podesta under federal investigation after Mueller referral

    Came here to post the same thing :D
  2. jac1599

    PSO/AEP cancels Wind Catcher project

    Weren't they already recouping the costs from customers? When they asked me to sign up, I read the fine print. I paid more per kWh, and had absolutely no guarantee that any of my electricity was "renewable". I figured that meant I would be funding expansion if I signed up.
  3. jac1599

    Oklahoma SQ788 IS NOT MEDICAL PAC Forms

    Some of the appointments are questionable. Senator Julie Daniels is on this group and she was very vocal about her opposition to 788. So they picked people opposed to it to over see it? Seems like we are probably going to be headed to more law suits.
  4. jac1599

    QB Situation

    What were we discussing here?
  5. jac1599

    Oklahoma SQ788 IS NOT MEDICAL PAC Forms

    This is a legit concern, IMO. But I've seen actual big pharma products in other countries that are a THC throat spray. It is absorbed exactly the same as smoking would be. This sounds like an excellent capitalist opportunity for some creative THC engineer.
  6. jac1599

    IRANIAN OFFICIAL: Obama Granted CITIZENSHIP to 2,500 Iranians Ahead of Nuclear Deal

    Well, should be a fairly easy allegation to prove/disprove.
  7. jac1599

    Oklahoma SQ788 IS NOT MEDICAL PAC Forms

    From the proposed rules: 310:681-2-11. Restrictions on Smokable Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Products (a) All smokable, vaporized, vapable and e-cigarette medical marijuana and medical marijuana products ingested, smoked, or consumed by a patient license holder is subject to the...
  8. jac1599

    Oklahoma SQ788 IS NOT MEDICAL PAC Forms

    Here are the proposed rules from the ODH:
  9. jac1599

    Trump to get second SCOTUS pick

    He could end up with 2 more picks too.
  10. jac1599

    Oklahoma SQ788 IS NOT MEDICAL PAC Forms

    Good question. I've read the full text and it does not say anything about that issue. It does however make it illegal for a company to fire you over a positive drug test. The only way you can be fired is if you are taking your medication AT work or during your "work hours".
  11. jac1599

    Trump announces new 25% tariff on $50 billion of Chinese exports

    Wonder who will back down first.
  12. jac1599

    New York Attorney General announces state is suing Trump, Trump Jr, Ivanka, Eric, and the Trump Org

    So what are we looking at as far as possible consequences?
  13. jac1599

    State Dept vetting employees for loyalty to Trump?

    I’d rather them be loyal to the US and not just a single person.
  14. jac1599

    Radical Plan to Split California Into Three States On November Ballot

    There is an increasing conservative movement throughout the state, especially in the north...which is I think who is driving this.
  15. jac1599

    Grandparent University

    My dad is taking my nephew. He was gonna take my oldest, but she is visiting her biological dad.
  16. jac1599

    North Korea and United States Summit

    And now the democrats are raising a stink about military preparedness...I feel like I might be in the twilight zone.
  17. jac1599

    North Korea and United States Summit

    I know they (the WH) said that they would be addressed. I just don't believe we should do business with them until they can get on a path of cleaning that up.
  18. jac1599

    North Korea and United States Summit

    I also believe that before we get too far down this road, we need to address the prison camps.